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Is Your Faith Relevant Where You Are?

During a recent conversation with a Pastor friend, he made a statement that stuck with me and I could not shake it off.

He said (paraphrasing):

“If all we do each week is sit in church, listen to long sermons and do nothing with our faith, we will become constipated.”

Now you see why I could not shake that off. And he’s so right.

‘Constipated’ with head knowledge

Sometimes, the problem with Christians is not ignorance of the truth but our inability to live out what we know.

We can easily become constipated with the knowledge of scriptures and still fail to embody the life of Christ.

Bible knowledge does not automatically translate to Christ-likeness.

Without an outlet to practice and live out what we hear, we will become reservoirs that stink over time // Is Your Faith Relevant Where You Are? Click To Tweet

Every believer has a specific call on their life, which they must fulfill and account for at the end of time.

We have heard too many messages; we need to start living out what we know. That’s how Christ will be magnified and made much of in the world.

Is your faith relevant where you are?

Church attendance is not the sole expression of our faith. And any salvation that stops at the four walls of a church building will become irrelevant with time.

In Matthew 5:13, Jesus warns of the danger of losing our relevance if we fail to be intentional with our lives.

In a recent sermon at church, the challenge we received was to:

“Look and see people and their needs. Then we must reach out to them and act with our resources to meet those needs like the good Samaritan.

That’s one way to certainly demonstrate we understand what we have learnt and won’t be constipated with knowledge.

And at the centre of our actions is the love of Christ in our hearts, which we seek to share with the world around us.

When we are committed to selfless, Christ-centred living as believers, we will NEVER lose our 'taste' and relevance // Is Your Faith Relevant Where You Are? Click To Tweet

Refuse to be constipated with head knowledge or stagnant in your walk with God. Reject ‘convenience-laden’ and ‘risk-free’ Christianity. Be willing to be uncomfortable.

Pursue God so hard that He stretches your faith so you consistently make life-changing impact on others where you are.

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