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Relentless Faith

Faith is a great gift; to have it is good and necessary for the Christian life. But there are faith and there are Faith. In this reference in Luke 5, a couple of fellas bring their paralysed friend before Jesus through the roof of a house where He was teaching. The crowd was everywhere, they stood no chance of getting their sick friend to Jesus and they quickly recognised the odds were against them. But they didn’t turn to their friend and said ‘Buddy, we did all we could as you can see. We are sorry’

I wonder who suggested the rooftop. I wonder who asked for permission. I wonder which of them made the request (if any). And I wonder whether the owner of the house gave his consent. In our world today, we are right to hope the house was insured. But let’s leave that aside for now. The point was that they did something, they acted!!! They didn’t hang around until the crowd dispersed. Why? Because they recognised that this was their appointed time, their season was ripe and they grabbed the opportunity. Learn something from this. It wasn’t time for them to wait and pray to find out whether it was God’s will to act; they acted. They didn’t send a note to Jesus to find out whether they should wait till the end of the day; they acted. They didn’t sit by and watch other get healed and their friend remain helpless; they acted. Why? The bible says “The power of God was present there to heal the sick” And they recognised and saw it.

Their faith was relentless. Their faith was bold… so relentless and bold that Jesus ‘saw it’. And that’s the faith God calls us to have. That’s the faith Jesus died enable us to possess.

And let’s not forget; these lads did ALL THESE FOR A FRIEND!!! Selah.

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