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3 Life-Defining Questions About Your Purpose

During my weekly Student Forum over the weekend, I posed some questions to my student group…

What do you want to do with your life? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Simple questions, right? Not quite. As we explored our sense of purpose in the group, it turned out most hadn’t a clear focus about the ultimate purpose of their lives.

What you owe yourself

These are not regular conversational questions. At a point, one student genuinely thought they were trick questions. They weren’t. We don’t get challenged often enough with soul-searching questions like these. We should. We must.

Without clarity about and the pursuit of your life’s purpose, you cannot experience true, eternal joy. Our time is so limited that the risk of not living in our God-intended purpose is a tragedy. You are wired with purpose; find it out and quit living without intentionality.

Let me share with you three life-defining questions (follow the infographics) with which I engaged my students in a 75-minute open discussion about living the life the truly matters. My hope is that all of them will soon begin a spiritual journey of discovering God and their life purpose. I know some have already, thank God for that.

If there’s one thing you owe yourself, it’s the sincerity of knowing exactly where you stand. I encourage you to approach these questions with utmost honesty to yourself.

Question #1


In Genesis 3:8-9, God posed this question to Adam. Very direct and poignant. The first step to the purpose question is for you understand where your life is right now in the context of where God designed you to be.

If you’re fundamentally out of sync with God’s design, the rest of your decisions won’t align with God’s plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). It’s that simple, really. First, understand your current position.

Question #2


Having clarified your current position, you must be clear about your direction. Position and direction are two different things. The outcome of your future depends on the decisions you make today — your decisions determine your direction.

May I ask you:

Where is your life going right now?

Question #3


When it was her turn to share her story, one of my students spoke candidly about how she’s lost way and sight of her purpose. My challenge to her was:

What would you do about it?

Her response was resolute and affirmative. And I have no greater joy than helping folks like her walk through the journey to purpose discovery.

Where do you stand in relation to God’s original design for your life? Do you know the direction your life is heading right now? And what would you do to change course, if you’re humble enough to acknowledge you’re on the wrong path?

Your practical response to these three questions and decisions will determine what you TRULY end up doing with your life. Make it count!

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    Thk u Sir for this point u make out here i really need it.

    1. Thank you, Joy. ‘Glad you found the post helpful. God bless you.

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