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Lessons From The Life And Death of The Queen

On Thursday 8th September 2022, the British Royal Family announced the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, aged 96. The nation has since been gripped by a deep sense of loss. And rightfully so.

Growing up in Nigeria, I am not unaware of the imperialism of the United Kingdom through the eyes of history.

The stain on our nation’s history through its past involvement on emotive issues such as the slave trade, colonialism and direct policy influence in postcolonial era cannot be ignored.

And yes, I’m convinced we can continue to have these discussions without a sense of disdain for the person of Her Late Majesty.

But more crucially at this time, I believe that:

Whatever be your personal sentiments about The Royal Family and it’s history, it’s fitting we pay our respects to the person of the Queen for her relentless service to the United Kingdom and beyond. 

As the world continues to celebrate her life in death, I’ve been reflecting on 5 key life lessons as well.

Add value, don’t count numbers

The quality of our lives is not determined by the number of years spent in the world but the value we add to others while alive.

You will be remembered for your impact on people when you’re gone; positive or negative.

Stay committed to adding positive value to others, not simply counting the number of years on earth.

Nobody celebrates mediocrity

From a distance, we have come to admire the sense of excellence that surrounded the late Queen.

Whether it’s in her service to the numerous causes she was dedicated to, including her love for horses, or receiving heads of states at Buckingham Palace, she oozed excellence and distinction.

Nobody celebrates mediocrity. Stay committed to pursuing a life of excellence in all you do Philippians 1:10.

Troubles reveal true character

I know this is a hard one to measure from a distance, not having known her personally.

But when you consider the tragic events and scandals that have circled around the Royal Family (not the Queen herself) in past and recent history, her steadfast commitment to duty was both constant and reassuring.

In her time, there had been several economic and political downturns and changes but she remained a consistent influence and feature in the fabric of the nation.

In dealing with challenging times, she once said:

“I know just how much I rely on my own faith to guide me through the good times and the bad.” – Queen Elizabeth II // Lessons From The Life And Death of Queen Elizabeth Click To Tweet

When tough times hit, will your anchor hold?

In your darkest moments, never let go of the core moral values you profess to uphold. Because troubles come to reveal true character.

Grace attracts goodwill

By no means was Queen Elizabeth II a perfect human being. But from a distance and at least in the public eye (and from numerous accounts), there was an aura of grace about her.

A man and woman of grace will always attract the goodwill of others, even your haters.

So treat people with grace, kindness and respect. In the end, it will come back to you.

Remember, whatever a man sows, he will reap Galatians 6:7.

Eternity beckons

However long you live on earth, eternity is beyond measure.

At 96, the Queen lived a long life Genesis 5:27.

However, death is the sure end of man’s sojourn on earth but the beginning of a new one in eternity.

Where will you spend eternity? In heaven or hell? With Christ or without Him?

So, as we celebrate a life well lived in unwavering commitment to service and duty on earth, we have a greater cause in eternity; one that requires our absolute commitment to Christ too.

Join me in praying for the nation, as well as the Royal Family, in this season as the Queen is laid to rest.

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Photo Credit: Sky News.

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