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What’s Killing Your Purpose?

You were created for awesome, and awesome begins with knowing, pursuing and living out your God-intended purpose in life.

To succeed, you must slay your purpose killers. Otherwise, they will destroy your ability to do what God sent you on earth to do.

What’s killing your purpose?

Average mindset is a purpose and passion killer.

Average is NOT a good place to be; it stifles your ability to live the God-intended life. And when divine purpose dies, what else does a man live for? Tweet

There’s often a subtle line between excellence and average. That’s why life is a continuous journey of learning and growth.

The key question

Ask yourself right now:

“Am I being the best I can be right now? Am I being my best for God? Am I being my best in every area of my life?”

While I urge you to dream no small dream for your life, I challenge you to do two things:

  • align your dreams with God’s dream for your life — have a holy ambition.
  • get up in pursuit of it. Don’t sit back and only dream. Dream is good; pursuit is better.

Live intentionally. Don’t limit yourself. Rid your life of average. You have the capacity to achieve greatness with God — He desires and designed it so.

Go and be awesome this year.

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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    Great post. I believe God wants us to give our best – to dream huge – and not settle. It’s so easy to settle though. Thanks for the reminder to be more and do more than average.

    1. Firstly, it’s a privilege to have you here Dave. We need a daily awakening to God’s relentless investments in our lives. We have no reason to limit ourselves. Thanks once again.

  2. Incredible thoughts here Joseph! I’m kinda lost for words. I have to say that I’ve been thinking about this but you nailed it. I guess my number 1 enemy is myself. I tend to forget that God should be who I’m working for and that means I’m working against the only thing that really works for me. Keeping myself in check is difficult to do. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks Jared πŸ™‚
      We are fighting the same battle. Life can be a tussle but we must remain on the path of this glorious pursuit: The God-intended Life.

  3. Average, mediocre, settling are enemies I fight against too. What is liberating is that they are all choices. I choice to not settle. To be more, do more and have more. Thanks for this provoking post, the image is really appropriate.

    1. Sometimes it’s a difficult choice to make, albeit a choice all the same. Some people think the average mentality chooses them but that’s wrong – you either choice it consciously or otherwise through your daily choices (if that makes sense) πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Jep!

      1. It does totally make sense πŸ™‚ average mentality doesn’t choose us. If I understood your statement it means we either live an average life knowingly or our daily habits just show our average attitude. Let me echo your question, β€œAm I being the best I can be right

        1. Good echo πŸ™‚ I ask myself that question everyday.

  4. Derek Olsen

    EPIC! I love it! I totally agree. My only addition is this: Fighting against the average mindset is a never-ending life-long battle. The average mindset has a power of its own and is always trying to creep back into your life. Fighting the average mindset is your duty, your entire life. This is not a discouragement. The ability to fight is a gift. Fight on my friends!! You are NOT alone!!

    1. Derek, great to see you here. You’re right about the battle for excellence. It’s lifelong. But like you said, we must keep fighting and pushing ourselves in the right direction. And with God helping us, we will win. Thanks for your awesomeness. How’s the book project coming along?

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