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3 Enemies of Purpose You Must Avoid

Purpose determines how you’ll be assessed at the end of your life. Without knowing and fulfilling the reason for your creation and presence on earth, how can you expect to enjoy eternal bliss forever?

You were created to be and do awesome — not for yourself, but God’s glory first, then your ultimate joy in Him. But it begins with having clarity of your calling. What’s that for you? You must find out.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded each day by purpose killers. Unless you rid yourself of these, you cannot truly fulfil purpose in Christ. They will destroy your ability to maximise life and carry out your assignment faithfully to the end.

So now you know your calling and are determined to step out and run with the vision. What are some of the enemies of your purpose you must contend with?

The average mindset within

The greatest battle you face is always within and in your mind. Success and defeat always start in the mind. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Average mindset is a potent purpose killer that you must beware. It significantly diminishes your capacity to be bold, dries up courage to take risks and quenches faith to hold God at His word.

Average is NOT a good place to be; it stifles your ability to live the God-intended life. And when purpose dies, what else does a man live for? // 3 Enemies of Your Purpose Share on X

God is not average in His nature, character, doings and glory — His very essence is excellence. And His purposes are immensely and deeply beautiful to behold and experience.

Stop holding yourself back from envisioning and pursuing all that God wants to bring you into by thinking small — have faith for BIG visions, because average is not good enough.

The comfort zone space

When I read John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life, my approach to life and purpose changed forever. In it, he said: “Risk is right. Better to lose your life than to waste it.”

Hanging on to our comfort zone will deprive us of the opportunities for new experiences and challenges. Growth happens when we are stretched. Comfort zone is a perfect incubator for wasting your purpose.

When you're no longer challenged, you're stuck in routines without tangible results. You may be efficient, but not effective // 3 Enemies of Your Purpose Share on X

If you’ve been stuck in your comfort zone for far too long, it’s time to kick yourself out of the rot and get moving again — this time, with renewed focus on your God-intended purpose and calling.

Yes, there’s a place for routine in life. But routine doesn’t have to mean stagnancy and lack of urgency about what truly matters in life.

The naysayers around

When God calls and gives you an assignment, not everyone will believe in you. Not everyone will see what God is showing you. Not everyone will agree with your vision. And you don’t have to fight them for it.

Nobody ever achieves greatness who didn’t have to deal with naysayers. Rather than allow them kill your purpose, use them as a means to validate your calling.

Here’s what I mean — if those that should ‘get it’ don’t (and you’re certain of God’s leading), then determine in your heart that God is up to something with your life and move ahead with God. Men will catch up.

Never put your life on hold for men who are determined to control and direct your life at the expense of your God-intended purpose and calling. NEVER! // 3 Enemies of Your Purpose Share on X

The naysayers will always criticise and seek to stand against your purpose but you must determine to go where God leads and directs. He’s the One you ultimately will account to.

That’s where I started from: purpose is the determinant for how you will be assessed on the final day before God.

So, be intentional with your life. Believe God for great things and be committed to a life of excellence. Step out and take risks. Dispense with the naysayers and keep moving where God leads.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash.

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