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Profound Lesson In Psalm 18

“I love you, O Lord, my strength.” (Psalm 18:1 ESV)

I am in awe of Psalm 18 for so many reasons. It took me hours to get past verse one alone and weeks to finally write about it: “I love you, O Lord, my stregnth”.

Some verses of scripture appear so simple but they just take your breathe away. And when I experience that, then I know God is up to something in me.

This verse is revealing, on one part, of a God who is gracious (“my stregnth”) and on the other part, a man who is worshipful (“I love you, O Lord”).

David wrote Psalm 18 on the day the Lord delivered him from the hands of his enemies, especially Saul. I am intrigued that he did not start the chapter with something like “Shame on bad people, those that rise against me will perish forever”. Instead, he looked away from his sorrows for a moment to declare his love for and gratitude to the One who has delivered him. He acknowledged God first! How do you respond in your season of trials and deliverance?

This verse ought to challenge our profession of love for God; how deep is our love for God? Do we wake up each morning with a sense of that love, woven with gratitude from a heart that has experienced great mercy, grace and deliverance?

Indeed the Lord has been our strength and it is because of Him we are not consumed. He calls us to a worshipful life.

How does this verse speak to you?

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  1. Tola

    We need a true heart of worship which comes from a close experience with God. Lord help me and make me a worshipper in Jesus Name

    1. Couldn’t agree more. May the Lord grant us the needed grace.

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