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The Truth Is… We Are All Work In Progress

In recent weeks, I’ve come across a number of posts on LinkedIn from some of my connections who, after hundreds of applications, finally got that one job offer.

You can almost feel the elation and particularly relief as they share their stories. And I can certainly relate to that.

Then it suddenly hit me that there is a common thread at play; they cheered others on while waiting for their own breakthrough.

Celebrate the wins of others

When we are down, it’s natural to become overly self-absorbed with our personal problems. Introspection is a good thing but that’s not what I mean here.

The tendency is to solely focus on ‘me’ and how we dig ourselves out of our complex holes we ignore to cheer others around us.

Truth is, winners are hardly ever lone rangers because greatness is not attained on the strength of individualism.

Nobody wins in life alone; we thrive in and through the network of influence around us // The Truth Is… We Are All Work In Progress Click To Tweet

So, regardless of your present challenges, take a moment to look around and find someone to encourage.

Celebrate the wins of others today and when it’s your turn tomorrow, we will cheer you on. That way, we all win together.

Life is not a competition

It’s a fact that the misuse of social media can have a negative impact on our mental health. And LinkedIn, though a professional network platform, is no exception.

When we see others’ new job titles, achievements and career progression, we can subconsciously feel intimidated and insufficient.

And this leaves us in danger of comparing our progress with others.

However, it’s important to remember that life is not a competition. So don’t measure your progress with the seeming success of others.

Stay in your lane. Run your race. Live your life.

We are all work in progress

As you know, in the absence of purpose, abuse becomes inevitable. Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to; being intentional with YOUR life.

When we are intentional, we will celebrate the wins of others while we wait for ours and avoid the pressure of comparison.

None of us is perfect. Yes, we are inherently flawed. But that's no excuse not to embrace life with a growing sense of optimism // The Truth Is… We Are All Work In Progress Click To Tweet

So, don’t lose focus of your purpose.

Because in reality, we are all still work in progress. 

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