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This past weekend, my daughter, Isabel Juda experienced her first reality check of sort.

I took her out for a long walk alone (longer than what my wife considered ‘normal’).

Image by Stuart Miles

Awe in the Ordinary

Our first stop was the local park. Recently, my wife and I have noticed Isabel’s ability to focus on things or people. In the park, it was falling leaves from the trees. She gazed intently for a long time. Whatever it was that really captured her attention, I could tell she loved the sight

From the park we set out to a nearby motorway. I know, what was I thinking?!

When I told my wife how we stood on a motorway bridge watching cars speed in both directions, I knew what was coming – there wasn’t going to be a repeat of this mini adventure. But it was a moment of bliss, for Isabel. Words fail me to describe the intensity in her eyes as she watched the fast moving ‘creatures’.

In that moment, I felt a great and overwhelming sense of awe. Holding my daughter in my arm (in a baby carrier actually) and seeing her eyes lit sent waves of gratitude through my body. That really mattered to me.

There is something about God and using the ‘normal’ – He makes us see and experience awe in the ordinary.

What Matters To You?

Our lives need focus. We can no longer be all over the place. And without a clear vision, we are just that way. Living purposefully requires a great deal of focus on what’s important. I’m learning this everyday. It’s a tough ask but a necessary one.

My mini adventure with Isabel reaffirmed the importance of family, the need for me to connect with the people that really matter to me, the people that add the most value to my life, in the hope of experiencing awe in the ordinary. I’m focusing on that.

What are the 3 things that REALLY matter to you? How are you experiencing awe in the ordinary?

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19 Replies

  1. Great post. Mine include: Family, God, and leaving a positive impact. 

    1. Dan, thanks for sharing. You are doing a great job with your blog doing #3. Keep it up brother.

  2. Three things that really matter to me:

    A right relationship with God (hence right relationships with myself and other people)
    Being a hope agent to others who need hope.
    Learning and enjoying every moment whether of joy/ pain despair/hope pain/healing – I find that is where I experience awe the most.

    Your blog post really bless me, Joseph. I need to refocus and this post just made this clear to me.

    I echo the question, “what were you thinking?” 🙂 motorway? Just kidding! Am glad that Isabel was fascinated by that and you were inspired to refocus on what matters. Godspeed to us all in this journey.

    1. I like that – Hope Agent! Yeah, a lot of grace is poured out on us in the place of pain and despair, if we let God. Thanks friend

  3. ddkays

    Great post. Three things:
    Family & friends
    Ministry I serve in

    And in that order too!

    1. That’s a great list and order. In what ministry do you serve? Curious 🙂

    2. That’s a great list and order too. In what ministry do you serve? Curious 🙂

      1. ddkays

        I am blessed to be apart of our church’s counseling team. We have 30 counselors…can you believe it? I cannot. It’s hard to keep up with God sometimes, but love it.

        1. That’s soooo cool. God is good

  4. Three things… Lets see:

    My wife/family
    Teaching young adults their choices matter
    Exploration of the world

    I actually wrote a blog post that runs along experiencing awe in the ordinary. It was called Overlooking The Perfect Moments. I’ve been finding awe in walks with my wife, playing with my dogs, meeting other people who share similar passions, etc.

    1. Just read your post and yes lot similar there. Awesome. You love travelling and exploring? Great list

      1. That I do. I was hoping to do a waterfall climb this winter but the dates just aren’t lining up. Would have been a blast.

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