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The Day I Wrote A Poem With My Wife

“I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” Songs of Solomon 8:4.


Two years ago, I attended a wedding with my wife. The intending couple were good friends of ours.

We arrived at the church early enough to help with last minute preparations. I was asked by the Pastor to ready the marriage certificates, carefully dotting each letter and word. No ink was out of place.

And my wife? She was asked to compose and recite a poem for the couple. No prior notice.

She struggled. I still could not understand why the tasks weren’t reversed. Her handwriting looks better than mine anyway.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, she sent for me to help out. We sat in a room alone, staring at each other, exploring ‘romantic’ verses that would fit the day. It had to fit; this is a wedding!

But time was ticking away. 30 minutes to the start of the ceremony and an hour away from recital, but no breakthrough.

She panicked.

I panicked.

And we explored a few more ideas. Nothing worked. It hadn’t ‘clicked’.

With 20 minutes left, I decided it was time we stopped ‘thinking’ and started writing. I spoke, she wrote. And this was the result:

Heaven blessed the day I met you;
The mighty splash of waters hit the shores hard as I 
Sat watching the tides growl at sunset
The view was serene despite the strong winds 
A gentle footstep beside me, then a 
Beautiful voice whispered over my ears, “May I?”
In that moment, not even the rising waves could stop me from
Noticing you. 
We shared a smile. I beckoned you to sit. 
You looked as beautiful as the day and
I thought: “An angel of light has visited me”
Your eyes lit with much radiance
And with a smile, you took my breath away
That moment, I knew love was
Something about you was different, 
Gloriously different. 
And today, here we are…
Sharing the moment of our lives,
The start of a journey of a 
Lifetime .
I have seen movies but not even Hollywood could have
Written this script. 
As I reflect on this special day, I realise what was
Different about you the day we met;
As pristine as your smile and as spotless as your
Face was, it wasn’t your outward charm but
Your heart that wooed me… 
Your heart hit the perfect cord of my
And in that moment, I knew
I had found the
And there will never be 

My wife looked at me and smiled. Though we had no ‘ocean’ experience, she could tell this was REALLY for her.

And here’s the ‘best’ bit: the recital moment came and another name was called to the platform. No mention of my wife. No recital from her.

Surprised? Sure!

Upset? Not one bit.

Afterall, we had just shared a sweet moment with words and no one could take that from us.

Question: Have you ever been put on the spot to do something? What was it and how did you handle it?

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