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4 Ways to Organise Your Life

From Joseph: This is a guest post by Temi Iregbu. Find out more about Temi at the end of this post.


ability to plan, regulate and order one’s activities (life) efficiently, effectively and methodically.

We can certainly improve the quality of our lives by being organised. This is an essential life skill that can shape our lives significantly.

Organise Your Life

A lot can be lost and missed if we fail to regulate, order and plan our lives. Not much can be achieved by accident. Life requires a thought process.

God is organised:

  • Jesus woke up early in the morning to pray (Mark 1:35).
  • God created the world in great details and order, everything in their day and time.

Benefits of Being Organised

There are great and practical benefits that can come our way if we learn the art of organisation:

  1. You can build trust

If you can organise your life and priorities, you will gain the trust of others. It’s hard to place deep confidence in people who are ‘all over the place’ or lack of sense of purpose.

  1. You make yourself indispensable

Organised people are considered an asset in teams, organisations and personal relationships. People rely on you and will seek your opinion to help them order their own lives. Make yourself indispensable.

  1. You will be promoted

Organised people are easily noticeable and given the recognition they deserve.

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men”

Four ways to organise your life

  • Vision

Success begins with having clarity about where you’re going — your purpose. Without vision, all planning will lack direction and meaning. Have a personal life vision. Understand the big picture.

  • Set Tangible Goals

Take your big picture and break it down into tangible goals. Set achievable targets for yourself. Don’t take more than you can handle. Your goals need to be realistic and clear.

  • Prioritise Your Life

This is where many of us fall over — we want to do everything at the same time. Trying to make everyone happy by attempting everything at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

Sometimes, you have to say ‘NO’ to stay focused on your true cause.
  • Eliminate Procrastination

Don’t postpone important tasks for today till tomorrow because we don’t have tomorrow, yet. All we have is today. A lifestyle of procrastination will limit your impact.

If necessary, make use of practical toolkit like a “To-Do” or Calendar apps. Set yourself reminders for important tasks and actions. Don’t leave your life to chance.

Start with the big picture and narrow it down to the core priorities you need to accomplish to move your life forward on a regular basis. Live organised!

About the author

Temi holds a degree in Financial Economics and has background in retail, taxation, insurance, customs and business administration in the United Kingdom. She loves baking, discovering new meal recipes and travelling. She’s passionate about helping shape the mindset of the next generation of leaders and being a role model to her 23-month old daughter. She lives in Germany with her family.

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  1. Great tips here! I’ve had to readjust some priorities lately have as a result have been able to get more of what needs to get done, done.

  2. Victor

    I am blessed thro Temi Write up on Getting Organised.

    1. Thanks Victor for reading and sharing.

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