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7 Awesome Life Lessons from Oracle Team USA

This week, Oracle Team USA completed one of the greatest comebacks in sports history with a convincing victory over Emirates Team New Zealand at the 34th America’s Cup.

If that sounds Spanish to you, America’s Cup is the international yacht-sailing tournament.

An incredible feat!

Forget the jargons but pay attention to this amazing story that inspired me.

Just a week ago the Americans were 8-1 down in the best of 19 race series, but eight straight victories sealed a remarkable turnaround for them. All their opponent needed was two more wins but that didn’t happen.

Andygt / Foter / CC BY-NC

Andygt / Foter / CC BY-NC

What made this team achieve this incredible feat? What made their story so sweet? Let’s read the words of one of Oracle’s team captains, Jimmy Spithill:

“It was a fantastic race. We came from behind, these guys showed so much heart. It’s about the team. On your own you’re nothing, but when you’ve got a team like this around you they can make you look great. They did all of that today. I’m so proud of the boys. To be facing the barrel of the gun at 8-1 down. What did these guys do? They didn’t even flinch. It’s a fantastic team effort.”

Did you notice a constant in Spithill’s gracious speech? The team made all the difference!

7 awesome life lessons from Oracle Team USA

Spithill’s speech blew me away for many reasons. He didn’t attribute the glory to himself but his team. There are seven life lessons we must not miss from his speech and this amazing story of courage:

  • You may be good on your own but you need a team to be awesome. Tweet
  • Life is more than being an individual; you need people to succeed. We thrive in a community of trust.
  • Leaders know to give credit to others. Don’t take the credit for your success all to yourself. Remember those who have invested themselves in some way to support your dream.
  • It’s easier to lose on your own than in a team of people you trust. With people of trust, you can share the burden and refresh your perspective.
  • Sometimes, you can be more in a team than on your own. When you surround yourself with people that share your passion and dreams, they bring out the best in you.
  • Life is not about you but about a bigger purpose. Years ago I read a book by Max Lucado on this topic and it changed my perspective. Life is ultimately about the One whose purpose we strive to live out.
  • Never give up! I’ve said this before and will again; never give up. Team Oracle were 8-1 down. To come back and win the deciding race 9-8 is nothing short of a miracle. If you persist, you will win.

Who’s in your community?

I constantly strive to improve, to win well. But I’ve realized in life I can’t run on my own all the time. So I’ve surrounded myself with awesome people.

At home, my wife and Isabel give me divine perspective. 
At work, I lead a team of consultants that bring out the best in me and push me to the limit. 
In the community, I’m part of a church leadership network that challenges me spiritually and supports my leadership growth.

We succeed with the right people around us, not by striving alone. There’s grace and strength in community.

What community are you part of and how are they shaping your life?

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