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Always Impossible… Until It’s Done

Two weeks ago, I blogged about my mandate to inspire students to dream a new dream and help them acquire core skills necessary to succeed.

Photo Credit: dailymotivation | Flickr

Photo Credit: dailymotivation | Flickr

It always seems impossible… until it’s done!

After weeks of praying, planning and content-shaping, we launched the first session of The Life Course Success Masterclass Program (Creating a Life Plan that Works) in Essen! And it was pretty special.

10 students showed up and they were just the perfect group; engaging, interesting, not-afraid-to-ask-question, awesome set of ambitious minds. We had a great laugh too. But something blew me away. We aimed for a 2:30PM finish. We closed just before 5:30PM. And no one wanted to leave.

Big dreams require big risks. Launching the Success Masterclass Program was, in some way, risky. But a noble dream always seems impossible until it’s done.

Never underestimate the power of anyone’s story

During a break out session, the students got into groups to discuss the question: “What’s the toughest personal decision you have ever had to make?”

The stories that followed almost brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes you see people and don’t realise how powerful a story they have with them. I was truly inspired. Here are some of their stories (paraphrased):

“I came from a poor family and have experienced serious hardships. The decision to leave my family and pursue education in Germany remains significant to me.”
“I lost 4 years in the process of pursuing university admission. I’m focused and determined to realise my full potential. I will do it. I know these 4 years CANNOT be wasted years and I’m determined to make them up and make them count.” 
“I defied all odds against me, moved out of an environment that was determined to stifle my future. Today, I’m close to getting a degree that was considered impossible to achieve.”
“I didn’t think I’d ever go to a university. While my brother got the privilege to further his studies, I was ‘confined’ to the family’s domestic interests, including farming. But my time would come and I took it with both hands. Today, I’ve completed a first degree and doing a second one.”

These are just a summary of 4 (of 10) inspirational stories that charged the atmosphere beyond anything I expected from what was intended to be a 10 minutes break out session. After 45 minutes, the students didn’t want to stop!

Our journeys may be different but never underestimate anyone’s story. Your story truly matters.

Next stop…

The next Success Masterclass session in Essen is scheduled to run on March 1st 2014 and we’re in discussion with a key partner to launch the course in Berlin too. We covet your prayers.

I was stirred up in ways words would fail me to express. And I’m committed to seeing through with God’s purpose and plan for transforming students with this message of hope, inspiration and practical success toolkit.

What’s the big dream of 2014 that’s scaring you? You have two options: sit on it or act on it. What will you do?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very encouraging. Nothing is impossible, we just have to be willing to work, fail, try again and again and again.
    We can make a difference in this world.

    1. Hi TC! “willing to work, to fail and try again…” I love that. And very true.

  2. This post reminds me of the story of the 4 minute mile, as well as the story of Lopez Lomong. Unimaginable things can take place when we refuse to allow our circumstances to define us. Thank you for sharing the summaries here, as well as your story.

    1. Thanks David. Lomong’s story is nothing short of inspirational!

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