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Convenience Makes No Sense

I have been doing a lot of forward thinking, goal-setting and praying this month… yes, praying. And it was in the place of prayer that I found myself ‘praying out loud’ the words:

Convenience Makes No Sense!

I understood perfectly what God was saying to me.

What Are You REALLY Afraid Of?

We want to make a difference in our world. We want to create influence around us. We want to live the life that matters. We want to be used by God. We want to touch lives in positive ways.

But we don’t want to be wrecked. We run away from inconvenience. We avoid pain. We refuse to embrace challenges.

But I have one question for you:

What are you REALLY afraid of?

Purpose + Indifference = Doesn’t Work!

Image courtesy of Cecelia

Image courtesy of Cecelia

Living the life that matters this year is not compatible with indifference. It doesn’t work that way. My wife and I started the year making a key decision that mean we leave ourselves vulnerable in a sense. But we feel so much peace like never before. We chose inconvenience over convenience in order to align ourselves with God’s purpose and best.

Those who seek and desire to accomplish great things choose to be wrecked and broken, rather than fold their arms and watch life happen to them.

Convenience makes no sense when you are on your way to greatness. Tweet this.

Convenience makes no sense when you want to live purposefully. You should tweet this.

Press In For More, Go Over And Beyond

Do I need to remind you again that so much is at stake in your life this year? I told my cell group folks to ready themselves for an awesome wave of God’s move in their lives. But that wasn’t everything I told them. I also challenged them to become discontent with their situation and press into God for more.

Are you pressing in for more? Are you seeking to go over and beyond? Or are you just comfortable? Convenience makes no sense anymore.

In which area of your life do you need to leap out of ‘comfortable’ into radical purposeful living?

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26 Replies

  1. Another tremendous post! Too often we get comfortable doing things the way they have always been done. We get into a “rut” and a rut is just a shallow grave with both ends kicked out! I want to stretch my ability to perceive where God is leading me next and not be afraid to crawl out of the rut past thinking has put me in.

    1. Always a pleasure to read from you, Darin. Great insight on rut, courage and living intentional. Your comment is worth a post! God bless you brother. And how’s the new book coming along?

      1. Thanks! It is going good. Lot of work (as you know) in getting it out there in front of others. I have been thankful I have had an example in you and Selah. Been a great response so far.

  2. I’d like to leap out more in the area of speaking and performing.  I have no problem doing these things.  I teach public speaking.  I’m a single dad of a seven-year-old girl, so scheduling and traveling is the difficult part.  I do have one, possibly two talks scheduled.  I’m also going to do a book signing or two when my second book comes out in a couple of months.  But I still predominantly use Online sources of sharing because I can do so while my daughter is sleeping.

    1. Glad to hear of those opportunities. I pray God leads you always.

  3. Sometimes convenience is a slippery slope to spiritual lethargy. Unfortunately many Christians have been spoon feed high calorie, low nutrition teaching. Faith that doesn’t require action is convenient but it doesn’t produce spiritual muscle, only spiritual fat. We need healthy teaching with high truth content that will get people up out of their seats and into service for the King! Thanks for the reminder Joseph!

    1. Your words, Caleb, are full of spiritual insight. Thanks Brother.

  4. ASwirlGirl

    Love. this. post! This really spoke to me: “We chose inconvenience over convenience in order to align ourselves with God’s purpose and best.” I am dealing with some inconveniences in my living arrangements, yet I know I’m in God’s will. Thanks for this added confirmation! 

  5. Great post Joseph. Our (hubby and I) scripture for the year is 2 Sam 5:20. Breakthrough and breakout share a common a middle name – discomfort 🙂 Am encouraged!

    1. Breakthrough and breakout. I love that!

  6. Convenience is an interesting thing – really enjoyed the way you frame the conversation of this post with indifference.  Wow!  My wife and I strive to allow are ourselves to be inconvenienced, but it’s not always easy.  We’re trying to be flexible in our daily activities so that we can influence other’s for God’s glory.

    From my perspective, when it comes to orphans and widows – there is lots of indifference.  Thanks for striking up the conversation on convenience and indifference.

    1. David, I have no doubt you’re making a significant difference where you are. Keep doing that. More grace.

  7. Pasolohayz

    Man of God, how are you, wifey and Isabella…compliments of the season. Still expecting to hear from you about coming to the church to minister….let me know. Blessings. Pastor sol.

    1. Waiting for your proper invitation Pastor 🙂

  8. Great reminder to lean into God – and love the framework of doing it a a part of goal-setting. It is easy to quit and become indifferent when faced with challenges, but then that is not inline with living a purposeful life.  I don’t think we are meant to work in jobs we hate, live in monotony, and stay on the sidelines.  I need to include more prayer and biblical counsel in my work.  Thanks!

    1. Thanks Tom. I love what you do with “Monday is Good”. Keep up the great work

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