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Live to Die Without Regrets

This past weekend, I read about the passing to glory of a young Christian worship leader, affiliated to a youth ministry I’ve had to privilege to partner with in the last couple of years. He was very young (probably early 20s) and seemed much loved by his friends.

Image by 1capecodlady

Image by 1capecodlady

Tributes to a Young Christian Soldier

The tributes I’ve read about him reminded me of a question I recently asked students at the Success Masterclass Program: “What will people say about you when you die?”

Here are some of the tributes on his Facebook Page:

“It’s too hard to believe but I thank God for your life. Though too short but well spent … I know you’re in the right hand of God quietly worshiping Him”
“We will be celebrating a legend in Christ”
“We will all meet and hug again in heaven. I will miss hugging you. I will miss your annointed voice. I already miss you but I rejoice because we will see again in joy and splendour.”

I didn’t know him personally, but the stories his friends share make me feel a personal connection with their loss. In a sense, being affiliated to the ministry, it’s somewhat a personal loss.

Death is a reality we shouldn’t fear

Death is a reality we must face someday if Christ tarries and one Christians don’t have to be afraid of. Life is a vapour; a mist that soon disappears and is no more. This truth is hugely significant to how we ought to live.

The young worshipper inspired his generation with his passion for God. He’s being celebrated (not mourned) for infusing others with a desire to worship God.

How will you be remembered when you die?

Live to die without regrets

Life is not a game or reality TV show. Actually, the one reality we are guaranteed is this: we only have one life to live.

There’s no better time to live than now; no better time to serve God, no better time to be committed to the gospel, no better time to touch lives for good, no better time to stand for truth.

You only have NOW! Make it count. Share this

You will be remembered for what you did, not what you thought. So live to die without regrets.

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  1. Great reminder to be intentional about our life. Great post!

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing, Dan.

  2. Amen. We aren’t promised our next breath, let alone a set number of years. We must make each moment count.
    This theme is what has motivated me lately.

    1. Always a pleasure to read your insight. 🙂

  3. Well said Joseph. We will be made known to others by our actions, and to God who searches our hearts. Thanks for sharing this with your example.

    1. Thanks David for reading. God bless you brother.

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