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Every quarter, I host a book review challenge in my young adult group. Our book review sessions are competitive, engaging, insightful and most importantly, it supports our spiritual and personal growth.

If you host a community or church-based group, I encourage you to incorporate a reading culture into your programme.

In recent months, we’ve read and reviewed some really amazing books by great authors such as John Piper, John Maxwell, Timothy Keller, Max Lucado, David Wilkerson, A.W. Tozer, to name a few.

In this quarter, our reading list does not disappoint and I’m trusting God for a fresh experience of grace for every reader. Our focus is on three core themes: spiritual growth, relationship and personal development.

On a personal note, I’m currently reading a book by John Piper; “Brothers, We Are Not Professional”. It’s not a quick book to get through but one that challenges spiritual leaders to be faithful to the preaching of the gospel.

I encourage you to pick up a book today and read. Better still, buy one. In our group, we insist everyone buy a physical copy of their book of choice. That’s how you build your personal library.

Reading enlightens the mind and when your book choice is right, it can give you a liberating perspective on the Christian faith, which I’m very passionate about.

If you’re reading a book right now, I want to hear from you. Share with me what you’re reading and learning. Let me know which book on leadership, spiritual and personal development you’d recommend to help build our next reading list.

P.S. Our next book review session is 25th June 2017. Pray along with us for inspiration and transformation through this list.

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  1. Daniel Koomson

    Great work!

    I have a habit of reading several books (currently 3) at a time. Some say it’s not the best. But I find that depending on my mood, I desire to read something that will address my current need – for faith, for motivation for soulwinning, for Christian living, etc.

    I’m currently reading “The Jesus I never met”, “Marriage as God intended” and “Martin Luther had a wife.” Really nice books. Particularly on Marriage I’ve discovered this: it’s really possible to be very spiritual and sincere but have a bad mariage. Because of ignorance of some principles and lack of understanding as to how things are meant to work.

    I’m so glad I get to think along with, and learn from great minds about a subject I have practically no experience.

    1. Thank you, Daniel. I understand that approach. I’ve tried it as well but the key is starting and finishing, then drawing on the lessons from the book(s).
      Heard a lot about Martin Luther had a Wife. I pray your discover more of Christ through these books. Your future is bright and may the Lord guide you as you embark on the exciting journey ahead of you.

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