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New Month, New Strategy?

It has become routine to receive text messages on the first day of each new month; usually powerful prayers of biblical promises. I like most of those prayers and say AMEN to most of them. Let me share one I got today with you:

“Welcome to the month of divine visitation; to some is it possible? To doubters, how can it be possible? But I declare unto you that this is your month of possibility…”

You just have to agree with such a powerful prayer; it’s appropriate to affirm AMEN!

However, it could become so easy to slip into ‘spiritual’ routine and forget the place of aggressive planning and risk-taking. Where are you with your goals for 2010? Are you making progress? Each new month presents an opportunity to evaluate achievements of outgoing month and if necessary, reassess your position for the new month. Ask yourself, “What am I going to do differently in the next 31 days that would bring me a step closer to achieving my goals”

To achieve new results, you may need to change your strategy. Change could be the propeller to achieving your goals; change your thinking, change your circle of influence, change your actions…

So with God’s promises on one hand and effective action planning on the other, you are setting yourself up for success.

Go ahead and unleash the potentials in you this month; nothing can stop you!

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