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Never Embrace Every Narrative About You

In my late teens, I was told my dreams were impossible by well-meaning mentors. I never held it against them. Truth is, on face value, they had every reason to doubt.

I had narrowly escaped dropping out of school, navigated homelessness and was living in a shack, supported by monthly stipends from my local church in Nigeria.

Everyone has an opinion about you

So on the basis of those realities, I had no plausible ‘right’ to dream or articulate my ambition to study abroad. Who would pay for that?

But I simply wouldn’t let it go. I didn’t know how it could happen but I was resolute in my belief that my dream was possible.

Through the generosity of many destiny helpers and mentors (all of whom I will never forget), God came through. Today, the rest is history.

One key lesson I’ve drawn from my experience is that everyone has an opinion about you and your dreams. And they are often well-intentioned.

However, you must realise that the only view and perspective that ultimately matters is what God says about you and your response accordingly.

Opinions are just what they are: OPINIONS!

When you understand this, you will be free from the mental shackles of caring too much about people’s opinions and focus on living the God-intended life.

Dare to defy the odds

Life is about the opportunities you take. And sometimes, you have to go against the voices of many to achieve your goals.

I was told my dreams were impossible. Guess what? I defied the odds. Today, I invest my life helping others to realise their dreams and cultivate purpose.

Don’t allow people’s narrative about you stifle your purpose and progress. When you’re told you can never reach the heights you desire, use it as fuel and motivation to go further.

If you’re clear about your vision, then be prepared to defy the odds against you.

Live a story worth telling

That’s why it’s critical not to believe or embrace every narrative about you. Some will hype you beyond measure, others will attack your credibility.

Whatever the case, you must be determined to cultivate your God-given dreams to reality. Keep moving forward and don’t stop because of external ‘noise’ around you.

If you must live a story worth telling, you must learn to push through every barrier.

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it in the end.

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