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Sometimes in life, we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. The alternatives before us may seem undesirable and we feel out of options. I’ve been there in recent months.

But let’s take Israel for example — before them was the Red Sea and behind were the marching chariots of Pharaoh. What did they do? They panicked — Exodus 14:10-12.

Don’t panic! Don’t panic!!

Lance Corporal Jones from the 1970 comedy series, Dad’s Army, endeared so many hearts with his classic ‘Jonesy’ yell, “Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring! Don’t panic!!”

Panic is a natural response to life when the unexpected happens. However, if unchecked, panic can lead to fear, and fear will paralyse your faith.

Faced with the prospect of losing their lives, Israel panicked and railed against Moses. Before them was the prospect of drowning and behind, the prospect of death.

What’s before you today? What’s behind you today? Don’t panic. God is not finished with you.

The battle is the Lord’s

In recent months alone, I’ve been in near-impossible situations, when the darkness looked like it wouldn’t lift. Pain is real — people may hurt you, personal and business plans may fail and dreams may not be realised.

Who do you turn to at such times? Israel turned to Moses. Moses turned to God. I encourage you to take your burdens to the Lord, our sure foundation.

No one understands your pain more than God. Unload your cares on Him. He invites you to leave your anxieties at His feet. He will sustain you. He will carry you — Matthew 11:28-30, Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7.

The battle is the Lord’s; let Him fight for you.

It’s time to move on

Still faced with the Red Sea before them, what does God tell Israel to do? Go forward.

  • Tough situation? Go forward.
  • Impossible decision? Go forward.
  • Distressing circumstances? Go forward.
  • Feeling let down and deeply hurt? Go forward.
  • Scorned by those who should be rooting for you? Go forward.
  • Not sure of tomorrow? Go forward.

You have stayed too long in the land-between where all you did was regret and reflect on the past. It’s time to go forward.

Progress is ahead, not behind. Keep moving. Share on X

Maybe you need to start again. Starting again is not an issue with God; don’t make it one for you. Have the courage to take the first step and you will find faith rise in you.

Take your eyes off the chariots — they can only drown in the end and you will keep standing on the other side of the Red Sea. When you’re standing on God’s mandate, you cannot fail.

You are not alone. God is fighting for you. But it’s time to move on, go forward and make progress.

Photo credit by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash.

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