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Moses My Servant Is Dead

“Have I not called you? Have I not saved you? Be of good courage. I am with you.” – Tweet

I wonder what came through your mind when you saw the title. It’s OK, everything is alright. Let’s attempt to unravel the statement.

Perplexing Promise

God promised Abraham a nation; a nation that would become slaves in a foreign land for 400 years.

“Wow, how does that even make sense?” you rightly ask.

I trust you’ve been there before. Sometimes God’s promises don’t make immediate sense to us. Sometimes we struggle to relate; Sarah did, Zechariah did. You are not alone.

End of an Era

God promised Israel a strong deliverance and restoration. And by the hand of Moses, He did. But Moses missed out on the privilege of leading Israel into the Promised Land.

Could that spell the end of God’s promise to Israel, seeing Moses was dead? Could this mean the promise would stall seeing the one by whom the deliverance came faltered? Just when you thought the demise of Moses couldn’t hurt more, God came to Joshua and said:

Moses My Servant Is Dead.

Glorious Call To Courage

I wonder if Joshua thought: “Erm, thank you so much Lord! That’s very helpful (not!)” But God wasn’t finished:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9 ESV)

For Joshua and Israel, God was saying, “Moses my Servant may be dead, but I am not done with you”

He says the same to you today:

“I am NOT finished with you. 
Your human source of hope may be gone, but I am not finished with you.
Your strength may be small, but I am not finished with you.
Have I not called you? Have I not saved you? Be of good courage. I am with you.”

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13 Replies

  1. Anne

    Timely… I am blessed..

  2. Every death always brings a new life. Thank you for the reminder Joseph!

    1. Absolutely, Mike. It takes both godly perspective and faith to see it. Thanks for sharing in my community.

  3. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever read or heard someone talk about that line like this, I like it!

    1. Wow, thanks Tyler. Great to see you here.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Joseph. It has blessed and encouraged me 🙂

    1. Thanks Ngina. Now, how about encouraging someone else with it? 🙂
      God bless you.

  5. God is not finished with us. Love that encouragement. So often in life
    when we have a hard time being optimistic and hope-filled, God is busy
    at work behind the scenes. I often need to refocus my heart on this
    truth. Thanks, Joseph

    1. Eileen, so true. God opened my eyes anew to this truth during my cell group meeting this past weekend and it felt so refreshing knowing that hope prevails for us, even when it humanly doesn’t look like it. Always a pleasure to read from you, friend!

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