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Today, I spoke to my church about Mo Farah. Well, sort of. He wasn’t my message title or theme but when you share a word on Winning, you cannot help but draw inspiration from his courage and story.

An Incredible Journey

Mo was born in Somalia and came to London at the age of 8. With virtually little or no English, you would be right to assume life was going to be tough for him. Well, it was!

But you see, Mo could have done what many others did and are doing; resign to his limitations. He could have given up on his dreams easily. He could have joined a gang in one of London’s boroughs. No, he decided to pursue his dreams… all of it.

When you search “Mo Farah” on Google, this is how Wikipedia introduces him:

“He is the current 10,000 m Olympic champion and 5000 m Olympic, World and European champion, making him the world’s fastest long-distance runner.”

As I spoke on the lifestyle of winners, I drew inspiration from Mo’s decision to move his family all the way to Oregon USA in 2011 in order to train with the world’s best for a chance to win an Olympic Gold in London 2012. The rest is history today as we watched him defy all odds to win both 5000m and 10000m distances.

5 Key Lessons For You

  • Dream a new dream for your life (if you don’t already have one); one that is bigger than life itself.
  • Life will be tough and pain inevitable. That’s normal. When it does, don’t run away. Remember, David ran towards Goliath!
  • You will need to make significantly sacrifices to achieve your dreams. Nothing good comes easy. Be willing to pay the price and the gain will come.
  • Winners identify with those who live a winning lifestyle. Winners join winners. You might need to quit some relationships to get on the winners’ path. Tough, but necessary for you.
  • There is something God has put in you and it’s not your university degree. Your 9-5 will pay the bills but hardly anyone I’ve met fully and genuinely fulfils purpose from their ‘normal’ day job. Discover what’s in your hands. Discover that natural skill you have and explore it. There’s something the world needs that lies in you. Unravel it!

Now, are you ready to lead on purpose and pursue your dreams against all odds?

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

5 Replies

  1. The greatest tragedy in life is WASTED TIME and POTENTIALS and the wealthiest place in life isn’t the gold mines in South Africa or the oil wells in Africa or the diamonds mines of Johannesburg, or the Sliver Street in mountains and what have you; however, the Wealthiest place that has ever existed and would continue to be is the CEMETERY.

    The statement above gives me goose bumps. Indeed, something lie is us and it’s our duty to unravel it and not die with.

  2. Terence Njinembo

    God bless you bro Joseph for being so awesome. In fact I should not refer to you as bro. Joseph but Pastor Joseph. What trills me is I also challenged the youths (we have a youths’ achievers club that runs in parallel with the adults sermon) on the life of Gabby Douglas while you were doing the same thing in Essen. I pray that by God’s grace we will live a winner’s lifestyle and keep climbing the success ladder.

    1. Pastor Terence, that is so cool! Amen.

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