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You have two options in life: you can either hide in the shadows or you can make your life count. Either requires a choice to be made.


It’s your choice to make

Take for example, leadership. The decision to step out and lead is a choice only you must make. Leadership doesn’t happen automatically; you make it happen… you choose to lead.

There are many ‘good’ (so we think) reasons to shirk and hide. Trust me, I know! I’ve been there before:

  • The fear of not being good enough.
  • The fear of working so hard without evidence of reward.
  • The fear of trying and failing.
  • The fear of being laughed at by others for standing up for truth.

In the end, fear or courage is ultimately a choice; your choice to make.

But what if?

Despite your past failures, what if you try again? What if you choose to be relentless in pursuit of your divine purpose? What if you discount the opinion of others as you focus on your God-given assignment?

What if you choose faith rather than fear? What if you quit worrying about what others think about you and focus on what God thinks about you?

What if the new job you’re so afraid to apply for or take up is your new purpose enabler? What if you take up the volunteering challenge and discover a world of new opportunities?

What if losing today paves way for tomorrow’s victory? What if today’s rejection propels you to a new discovery? What if today’s failure becomes tomorrow’s success, if you don’t give up.

What if you change the world?

Step Out and Live

Granted, life is no easy ride. I’ve had my fair share of significant challenges. Life can be messy.

But would you rather die with your dreams than try? Wouldn’t you rather get knocked down a few times and still get back up fighting and winning? Wouldn’t you rather step out and live?

We often discover purpose through the messiness of life. Pain and troubles bring us divine perspective and when we respond in line with God’s purpose, we experience deep transformation.

Make your life count!

This calls for radical, bold choices. The choices you make today will determine whether your life will count for eternity or not.

Turning your fears aside, you can live to the fullest of God’s grace available to you. You only have one shot at life; not stepping out and making it count only leads to one direction: a tragedy.

Quit your fears; take risks. Live in possibilities. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t put yourself down when God has lifted you up.

All things are possible to those who believe impossible is nothing. No ‘ifs’. No ‘buts’. Go and make your life count!

Image courtesy of Vicki Mar | Flickr

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