Live BOLD!

You have two options in life: you can either be scared all your life or you can live bold. Either requires a choice to be made. The decision to step out and lead is a choice you make. Leadership doesn’t happen automatically; you make it happen, you lead.

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Fear is a choice.
Boldness is a choice.

I’ve dedicated some time to share this powerful truth at The Daily Retort blog which is run by my online friend Tor Constantino. There, I share about the power of choice and a passionate call to you to step out of your fears and LIVE BOLD. I encourage you not to miss this post.

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About Tor

Tor is a former journalist with more than 20 years experience, current PR guy and author. He blogs regularly at The Daily Retort, and you can find him on Twitter or Facebook. His writings have been featured on some of the internet’s most popular blogs, including CNN iReport, Problogger, Michael Hyatt, Goinswriter, Jon Acuff and Prodigal Magazine. It’s a huge privilege to have Tor’s platform to share with his great audience.

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