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Sometimes, We Just Need To Listen

Recently, I received an email from someone I met and spoke with at an event I co-hosted a couple of years ago.

I remember it was a super busy evening but when she approached me for a conversation, I dropped everything to listen.

Sometimes, we just need to listen

She shared her journey and challenges, and asked for some practical advice. I did and we connected on LinkedIn afterwards. 

Fast forward over two years from that evening and she sent me this message:

“Dear Joseph, I hope you are well.  I just wanted to say a belated thank you to the life changing advice you shared with me during the event. From your advice I was able to take the big step in chasing my personal goals and passions regardless of what those around me had to say. For that I will be forever grateful. Keep inspiring.”

Sometimes, it’s the little things we do for others that make the biggest difference in their lives… and in ours

I didn’t think at the time that a 15-20 minutes conversation would translate into a life-changing moment and decision for someone I was meeting for the first time.

But it did. And that was because I stopped, listened and encouraged her. She was inspired to put her fears aside and chase her goals and dreams.

Perhaps you need to pause the laser focus you have on yourself momentarily and listen to someone’s story and struggles.

Your presence (just stopping to listen) and words could literally change their lives.

Kindness is not expensive

Not everyone needs your money. Not everyone is out to exploit you. Not everyone has ulterior motives.

The world has become less compassionate, less loving and less kind. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the fallen man — Romans 3:23.

Nonetheless, we should not be afraid to engage others. Don’t miss your opportunities to inspire others with your journey, however busy you are.

As you have opportunity, embrace others. Give. Share. Help. Be authentic.


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So, “put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience” — Colossians 3:12.

Kindness matters. Kindness is not expensive. Please be kind.

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