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Lines of Impact 009

“God has invested so much in you, don’t quit on HIM now” – Tweet

My Little Dilemma

Earlier this week, I moved my blog to a new platform and completely overhauled the look and feel. But in the process I lost my email subscribers (I know, not good!)

Hence, I have a ‘small’ request to make of you: at the end of this post, you will find a subscription feature. Enter your email address and hit the Sign Up button. That way, you will NEVER miss a post and I’ll be a happy dude again. Thanks for your awesomeness in advance.

Refresh & Reload

The previous eight editions of this series are worth taking a look at:


This week’s Lines of Impact is intended to inspire and encourage. Take a look:

  1. God moments humble us. They make us see life in the light of God’s eyes, in the light of His grace.
  2. Better days are a reality for you. Don’t give up.
  3. God’s beauty, strength and power are gloriously displayed in and through our weakness.
  4. Wondering if God loves you? He walked into the messiness of this broken world to reach out to you. Now, do you want to ask that question again?!
  5. You’re good at something. Go back and pick it up. Don’t wait for permission; just do it. Live your dream.
  6. God has invested so much in you, don’t quit on HIM. You have invested so much in yourself. Don’t quit on you.
  7. Life is precious; a gift and a season. To live it without consequence (purpose) becomes a tragedy.
  8. Be hopeful, even when the odds don’t seem to be in your favour.
  9. God is good: that’s a FACT!
  10. One of the greatest blessings in David’s life was Goliath; a significant challenge that turned a huge blessing for the rest of his life. Think about that!

This series is not about me. That’s the reason I invite you to join me by sharing a quote that has had an impact on you over the years. And if selected, I will publish it along with other in the coming edition. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Tell me your favourite line of impact from the list above?
  • Share you line of impact in the comment box

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