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What a Week!

This week has been extra special:

Monday: Hosted Sundi Jo on my blog – My Interest or God’s?

Tuesday: Celebrated the woman that gave up her dream so that together we can chase one bigger than life. I wrote a post for her too – Today I Celebrate

Wednesday: Celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary, ate the biggest pizza of our lives and had my guest post featured on Lead Love Laugh blog – Linger!

Thursday: Watched a movie with wifey (Isabel Juda hummed and slept her way through it)

Did I mention I only slept for 3 hours each night, thanks to you know who? Well, you have to add that to the list of this week’s God Moments!

Thanks for sticking with me on this series. Here’s what we’ve been up to since June:

Are You Ready?

Let me share with you some of what I’ve been learning in the past week. I am also featuring lines from two awesome leaders:

  1. There are times life ceases to make sense but you must dig deeper to discover purpose in such times. They are GOD Moments too.
  2. Winners identify with those who live a winning lifestyle. Winners join winners. Tweet this
  3. Life may be tough. But don’t run away. Remember, David ran towards Goliath.
  4. It may hurt today but see the glory that comes from fulfilling purpose.
  5. One of the many undoing of young people today is the lack of passion for reading. Do yourself a favour and pick up a book today.
  6. The Christian faith is not a democracy; God Reigns over all.
  7. The awesomeness of our Awesome God is awesome. He’s just AWESOME!
  8. Sometimes, gratitude in prayer is more powerful than the longest of all petition, intercession and supplication.
  9.  “There are generations yet unborn whose very lives will be shifted or shaped by the actions you take today” – Andy Andrews
  10. “Don’t take for granted what you know. Someone else might consider it expert advice” – Michael Hyatt

There are two ways to feature on my blog each week: you can either guest post for me or take part in this series. Here are my guidelines for the former and to do the latter, all you need to do is:

  • Tell me your favourite line of impact from the list
  • Share yours in the comment box.

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