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Lines of Impact 008

“Don’t make up the stats; live a life worth dying for”

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Later tonight, I will be co-hosting a 2-day international youth conference at Dusseldorf. I am super excited and looking forward to helping inspire hundreds of young people from Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium to live the God-intended life.

While you read this post (preferably after), could you spare a moment to pray for us? So much planning and prayers have gone into the preparation. Now, we need God to show up and break out in the lives of the youngsters that will turn up in their numbers. And while you’re praying, please pray for me. I desperately need HIM to enable me serve well.

You can find the previous seven editions of this series below:

Let’s get this week’s Lines of Impact started, shall we?

  1. Purpose will shape the choices you make in life.
  1. You are too important to the world to waste your presence. We need you.
  2. To discover your divine purpose, you must pursue God
  3. There’s a purpose greater than life itself. Chase it!
  4. When hope is completely lost, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to win in life.
  5. Broken people don’t need another social network, they need hope.
  6. God calls you to a dangerous, brave, sacrificial and bold living, such that will require faith that is beyond human belief.
  7. Don’t make up the stats; live a life worth dying for.
  8. Character is what keeps a man where his gifts bring him (or her) to.
  9. “God has the Rhythm and the Rhyme to blow your mind anytime” – author unknown (contributed by Prince Tayorksi)

Massive thanks to ‘Tayo for sharing so gracefully. You have a great chance to feature in Lines of Impact 009 next week. As usual, here’s all you need to do:

  • Tell me your favourite line of impact from the list?
  • Share your line of impact in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: The quotes from my contributors do not represent my personal views.

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