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“Dwell in Possibilities”

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As usual, this week’s Lines of Impact packs a punch! I’m featuring three contributions this week. Before we roll, take a look at the previous six editions of the series:


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Ready for some Lines of Impact ahead of this weekend? I am!

  1. Many aspire. Few obtain. Purpose separates both.
  2. No one achieves genuine significance and influence from idleness. Do something!
  3. Joseph was sold into slavery, went to prison and emerged a world leader. What’s your excuse?
  4. Abraham was rich but Hebrews 11 didn’t remember him for his wealth but his faith. How would you be remembered?
  5. Low self esteem and zero God esteem will make a man (or woman) accept darkness for the light and call the foolish wise. Don’t go there.
  6. If you complain that God’s commands are onerous, remember they are intended to set you apart from the world. You are chosen, you are called and of a different breed.
  7. Nothing is beyond God’s repair, including your life. Trust His Providence and Sovereignty.
  8. “Those who never make mistakes work for those who do” – Henry Ford
  9. “When you reap for too long where you have not sown, you forget the need to sow” – Stephen R. Covey
  10. “Turn that pain into gain; for there’s still treasure in that fossil” – Mayowa Adebambo

Want to feature in Lines of Impact 008? Awesome! Here’s all you need to do:

  • Tell me your favourite line of impact from the list?
  • And here’s your chance to shine – share your line of impact in the comment box for a chance to feature next week.

Disclaimer: The quotes from my contributors do not represent my personal views.

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