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Lines of Impact 006

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One Sunday evening in June, I had an idea: blog quotes and bold statements I’ve made over the years from my speaking, teaching and coaching engagements. That idea led to the Lines of Impact weekly series. And today, we are now in the sixth post. Amazing!

The response has been fantastic but I am confident that this series can reach more people. So feel free to share this post on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc). Seriously. Thanks in advance for being awesome (a line I’ve come to love from Jeff Goins).

As usual, I ensure you do not miss a line of impact. So here are the previous posts:

I am always eager to jump into the ‘meaty’ list. Are you like me? Then let’s do this!
  1. David was an excluded shepherd boy in the countryside. You live in the city. What’s your excuse?
  2. Abundant Life: a life never short of grace. May you experience it.
  3. Dwell in possibilities.
  4. Your mustard seed today has the potential to become a mighty tree. What would you do with your seed today? Sow or eat it?
  5. The world is debating fossils while we are waiting for the coming of Christ. Are you with us?
  6. The more you carry your life’s problems yourself, the more they would weigh you down…Cast them on Christ and trust Him.
  7. Faith releases the power of God. Unbelief restricts the power of God. Do you believe?
  8. Holiness is a requirement for heaven; material prosperity is not. Flee from idols and get your act together. Heaven is at stake.
  9. “We are not to remake ourselves but to make absolute best of what God already made” – Original quote by Robert Browning
  10. “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done” – Ajayi Opeyemi
 Do you want to be part of this series? No problem. Here’s what I need you to do:
  • Which line of impact is your favourite from the list of 10 above?
  • Share your own line of impact in the comment box.
If your contribution is selected, you will be featured in Lines of Impact 007 next week, God willing.

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5 Replies

  1. Enoba Ogbole

    I love the first line of inpact in this series, it boils down to the fact that there is no excuse for failure, those who succeed don’t have 2 heads, some are faced with more challenges then we could ever imagine but make it to the throne. So what mine or your excuse for ever failing? My line of impact would still proceed from here, self belief, yes is a key to success but the most important key is, the master has said I can do all things through him and so yes I can.

    1. Great to read from you Enoba. And much thanks for sharing. Watch out for edition 008 this Friday.

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