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Life and Ironies

“Life and ironies;
Hand in hand, they stroll together like
Inseparable twins,
Unleashing pains on both the humane and
The vile.
When soldiers march to war, residents
Tremble with fear, but
When the ironies of life play their drums, all are
Compelled to dance their tunes.

Do you see what I see?
Do your ears hear what I hear?
Can you feel what my heart feels?
Do your lips dare say what mine has already
Let us ponder some realities of
Life as mortals that we are;
Some are born in wealth, others in
Some are chosen to rule, others act the
Some live the life, others choose to
One child beckons on servants at will,
The other serves another beside his will.
A merchant throws a party having made great
Another counts his loss, asking how he went
I have seen many ironies of life,
And many more await the living and
What is this life about! I am just thinking
Look around the world and tell me what
You see;
No, there is no need! For all I see are the ironies of
They are too deep and their wounds are felt by mortals of
All creeds.

Life and ironies;
Such are the lines of its many
The guilty pay its huge price,
The innocent are not spared its gruesome
Such was the tale of many as was
He had a dream, yes, he once had a dream;
A dream so beautiful and precious.
He was six years old and had barely
Started to live.
His father was a coal miner and led a normal
Life with his two sisters and mother.
There was so much to hope and live for.
I grew up with Atiba in Abari village, a
Coastal plain in West Africa, until
Life sent us to the path of our separate
How time flies like a smoke blown by the
Twenty years on, the sight of Atiba troubled me.
I paused in disbelief, as the reality of his utter
Loss dawned on me.
As we embraced each other, words could hardly
Describe my friend’s pain, but
The tears that followed said it all.
What my eyes saw my lips failed to speak
What happened to his dreams?
Who stole his zeal? That sight makes
My heart frail, and my lips still cannot tell his

Life and ironies;
Many have fallen victim of its
Charm, others have tasted the sweetness of its
But I have seen a few things to conclude thus –
No mortal has the power to
Cast the lot where he will;
For we are all in God’s hands”

An excerpt from “Even in the Well…”
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