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Left Alone But Not Over


You let yourself down
You messed up
You let God down
You got it badly wrong…
The facts are simply against you and to be honest, rightly so too
You made some terrible decisions
You moved outside of God’s covering
Your hedge was broken
You did it your way and now it hurts
Oh this life can be a burden
Obedience can be such a painful task

You look around you and everyone condemns you
Nobody cares
Life sucks
Church folks snob you
Family thinks you’ve failed them big time
Hubby or wifey is badly hurt
Friends are gone – nobody wants to hang out with a loser (so they said)
And you’re left all alone to pick up the pieces of what appears to be a shattered life, shattered dream and broken promises

What will you do?
Cry? For how long!?
Accept defeat and live with a broken life? You won’t survive!!
Give up and throw further caution to the wind? More dangerous!!! Don’t do that.

I know a man; he lived so many years in fear, shame and with a huge burden of guilt. He messed up big time and left home for several years as a result.
He couldn’t face the reality of coming to terms with his past. He felt lost all these years until the night he was left alone: left alone to recognise and accept his error of judgement, left alone to weep over his sin, left alone to battle and wrestle with God, left alone to receive the healing his soul desperately needed… and a new identity too. By dawn, he emerged a forgiven man, a winner and most importantly burden-free!


That’s where God wants you: look away from everything that reminds you of your past and mistakes, then be left alone to wrestle. God is in the ring, waiting for you and saying “Let’s rumble!” It’s time to put on your fighting kit and head into the arena to meet HIM. This is your chance. Don’t waste it. Fight till your last breath. This is redemption. Seize the moment!!!

It’s your time to GET BACK UP AND MOVE ON

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

4 Replies

  1. Chukwu goodness maxiluv

    No neva alone,my God has promised not 2 leave me and he wil nt leave me alone.remain a blesing 2 many. Am impresd 2ru dis blog.

  2. Chukwu goodness maxiluv

    No neva alone,my God has promised not 2 leave me and he wil nt leave me alone.remain a blesing 2 many.

  3. So weird cos I don’t understand how fighting with God gives you redemption. From the story of Jacob, I understand it that he had to eventually SURRENDER to God and admit defeat to God which is what true salvation is according to Paul Washer. “Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to the cross I cling.”

    I have to say though, it hurts the most when family, friends and church reject you.

    1. That’s why we wrestle together. That’s why we blog. That’s why we share our hearts, inspirations and experiences… Because through them we can collectively find grace in time of such great need.
      I bid you release yourself from that burden, come into the ring where God is waiting to refine you (Oh how we all need it). By fighting, we mean holding on to God until He beats us into place and into shape. But first we must come.

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