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I called my wife this evening from the office (as I do everyday) and there was a certain excitement in her voice; she was using GarageBand for the first time to learn to play the keyboard on the iPad. She loved it!

Walking home, it occurred to me that the experience with my wife today is somewhat similar to our Christian experience when we become born again; we are full of excitement, we want to tell everyone we are transformed, we want to shout it from the rooftop, we are passionate about prayer, church meetings, revival services, corporate and personal spiritual activities. We just want to learn to be ‘great’ at being Christ-like.

But our Christian experience is not about learning a few chords on the keyboard; it’s about making the music. Excitement is not enough to sustain our journey on this side of eternity; we need grace from God coupled with steadfastness and continuity on our part. It’s about running the race to the end. It’s about setting our gaze on the finishing line. It’s about staying in contention until we receive the prize. It’s about fighting the good fight of faith, laying hold of eternal life and finishing our course.

But we must be careful not to become overly fixated on the finishing line that we forget the enjoy the race itself. Don’t jump to the last chapter of the book of your life, otherwise you will miss the beautiful plot in the story. While we run, let’s enjoy the learning experience like my wife this evening. I have no doubt she will keep at it until she masters it.
Let’s run our Christian race likewise; master it through the grace of God.

And by the way, GarageBand is the best app ever made in my opinion!!!

Have a lovely evening!

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  1. Tolulope

    Tanks 4 d inspiring message

    1. Thanks Tolu for your encouragement. Please subscribe to the blog when you have a minute. God bless you.

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