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Personal Growth in Leadership

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Are you committed to your growth?

Would you be at ease with a 9 year-old still sucking breast milk? Any mother would have genuine reasons for concern in that situation.

We’re naturally at home with our physical outlook. We look after our bodies so well. We pamper ourselves. In 2 weeks, you’re due for yet another spa indulgence. (Enjoy!)

Image courtesy of Dan

Image courtesy of Dan

But are we that concerned and committed to our spiritual, mental and emotional development? I’ve noticed that not every leader pays attention to those areas of their lives as much as they should.

Leaders pursue and act on growth

In leadership, personal growth is a complete process that must include every aspects of our being. Leaders that must succeed in their leadership understand the need for an all-round personal development, not only spiritual growth.

Recently, I wrote a four-part vision series on laying a good foundation for a purposeful and intentional life. I’ve learned something you should (or probably) know:

Leadership growth doesn’t happen in vacuum. It doesn’t jump on us. We pursue it. We act on growth. Tweet

Vision serves your growth

Personal growth in leadership is based on the foundation of a God-inspired vision. With vision, you have a basis for growth. Outside vision (or purpose), you will drift.

God didn’t leave us without a word on growth. He seeks leaders who are committed to personal growth. For example, we are called to:

… grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” – 2 Peter 3:18.

Personal growth is very practical. In subsequent post(s), I will explore key areas of personal growth leaders must pursue to remain relevant to their calling. Without doing so, we risk becoming stale and eventually unprofitable in leadership.

What areas of personal growth do you think leaders often overlook? I’d love to know your thoughts to shape my subsequent post on the subject.

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16 Replies

  1. Leaders a lot of times overlook their families in their pursuit of serving others, and attaining goals.

    1. Wow, so true. I’ve been in that hole myself. It’s a challenge in leadership. Thanks for bringing that up!

  2. Growing in grace…understand what grace is and extending it appropriately. Grace doesn’t mean we get away with things or that we won’t get disciplined, it means we are forgiven. Daily I’m learning more about grace and I bask in awe of Gods amazing grace…it truly is a sweet sound.

    1. Very well said, TC. Grace is one of the most misunderstood or half-understood Christian experiences. So is faith. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I’m learning new depths to grace all the time. currently working on a post for a fews out about grace.

        1. Amazing. Looking forward to that. More grace!

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