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Just Before I Snooze…

It’s 6:10am and just back from our monthly night vigil in Wuppertal (some 40KM from Essen) where we have a sister branch of our church. There was something different about the marathon prayer session (11pm-4am) this time; almost everyone (young and old) prayed throughout. It was both refreshing and exciting for me to see the passion in people’s voices from where I stood leading prayers.

…Then a quick thought came to mind, a flash; “Why are people praying so fervently?” Duh, ah prayer works and folks here experience its power on a daily basis in diverse areas of their lives.

As a I led my 1-hour prayer slot, I felt a genuine call that the church indeed has a key role to play as changers of men’s destinies. And to that call we must rise. And that call we must pursue. And the line that kept reverberating in my spirit (which I reiterated to the church) was “We cannot afford to waste our presence in Germany and in our cities”

I know by God’s grace I won’t. Don’t waste yours where you are today.

Now I need to catch up on some sleep before my House Fellowship in 11 hours.

Good morning and have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Dave_J

    Nice Work,
    You are on the Right Track, doing the right thing someone needs to do in Germany .


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