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It is YOU!

When I knelt down to pray tonight,
My knees felt a quake like the shaking of the
I closed my eyes like I would always, clutched my hands tight and
Bowed my head,
As I mustered strength to make my request, all I could utter was
“It is You”
What else is grace but that GOD would take my place and
Stain and offer me His shade
You took my sorrows and pain and gave me gain
Now all my shame is gone for your fame; there’s no pain at Heaven’s
Little wonder the angels can’t help but worship the Lord of the House! (Selah)

When I knelt to pray, I hadn’t come to give thanks but tell Him
My problems,
In no time He made me realise my biggest problem was not the hunger my body felt, it wasn’t the
Difficult module I struggled with and could barely pass, neither was it the austere boss I once served…
Rather I had a debt too massive to pay; a debt I couldn’t repay even if I had 24 unending seasons to live.
“I am debtor!”, I cried… “Forget my supplications and petitions, just heal my soul!!!”
It wasn’t long before the tears began to stroll down my eyes.
If you were me, what would you do? I will tell you what you would have done:
“Nothing! No man can stand any ground in His sight. Your case of self-righteousness stands no
Ground for mercy. That’s what would have happened to you, as it did to me.”
I had lived this long (or short for some), thought I knew what life was all about but tonight (as always),
I was brought to my knees.
No contest; simply brought to my knees. My heart has been bowed in worship. Yes, in worship and I thus declare: “It is You! Only God could have done this”

Come join me; stand in awe, worship the King and share this joy with others.

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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