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After the death of Moses, the mandate to lead Israel into the Land of Promise was conferred on Joshua. It’s easy to think that Joshua suddenly emerged on the scene and took off from where Moses stopped. That wasn’t the case…

True leaders don’t build personal empire

Moses sought the face of God for a successor (Numbers 27:15-17). Moses wasn’t interested in holding on to his leadership role longer than was appointed him.

In our world, we’re unfortunately accustomed to leaders who would do anything to hold on to positions of leadership… sadly, even in the church. Remember, true leadership is NOT about position but fulfilling purpose.

Intentional Leadership

Spiritual leaders that focus on building personal empires are clearly outside the will of God. True leaders understand that their lives and assignment must be God-centred, not self-seeking.

Succession planning sustains leadership and takes the focus away from the leader and puts in on the mission and purpose. And rightly so.

The preparation of a leader

Reading through the Bible, you’d realise it’s no surprise that God chose Joshua. In the background, he was already leading.

In Numbers 13 and 14, along with Caleb, he stood out and rubbished the negative report of the ten spies. As far back as Exodus 17, he was already a commander of Israel’s army.

True leaders undergo a season of preparation, typically away from public view. Such seasons often come with intense pressure and challenges.

To lead people, God must prepare you. Not many would-be leaders make it through their seasons of preparation. Some bypass this season altogether and you see the evidence in their inability to stand in times of difficulties.

Moses spent 40 years in the desert. David spent years tending the flock of his father. Joshua spent years in the shadow of Moses. Elisha served Elijah diligently without complain. John the Baptist ‘had his church’ in the wilderness until he started public ministry at the Jordan River.

These men would eventually change the course of many generations, yet they went through the school of discipleship and learning.

True leadership is always preceded by intense preparation and sacrifice. Don’t follow the easy way. Convenience makes no sense!

Intentional leadership

God commits great assignments to those that are intentional and willing to lead anywhere.

Too many aspiring leaders do not show enough courage to take personal responsibilities unless they’re given a platform that makes them visible.

This is a dangerous trend. Leadership is firstly about faithfulness, not visibility. To change the world, you must be committed to changing your character… first.

You don’t need a pulpit and a microphone to make a difference! Share this.

Before the death of Moses, Joshua already showed the courage to fulfil a great destiny — the destiny of an entire nation. He led from the background until he was unveiled to succeed to Moses.

Joshua was intentional and in him God found a man ready for a greater assignment — Deuteronomy 31:7-8,23, Joshua 1:1-9.

Question: How does the life and leadership of Joshua challenge you? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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