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Being Intentional With Your Goals [ Part 1]

At the start of the year, I delivered a keynote speech to a group of students and young adults on becoming intentional in 2021.

On the video call, I challenged the group to live above the horizon of average, be clear about their purpose, stay focused and work their goals, even when no one is looking.

Being intentional about life is the only way I know to live. A life void of purpose and passion is empty and will go on to become an unfulfilled and wasted life.

In this 2-part series, I outline how to be intentional about your life goals this year.

First things first

Your goals must ultimately derive from and be driven by your purpose. Don’t set arbitrary goals that have no bearing on your core values or do not support your life’s mission.

To that end, make God first in your goal setting agenda. Always ask (in prayer):

Lord, what would you have me do this year?

Consider how you can develop and grow your walk with God. First things first; make God your priority. He already has great goals in mind for you, so align yourself with His plans for your life — Jeremiah 29:11.

Break it down

In agile project management, we break down epics (broad vision or goals) into user stories (requirements) and the latter into smaller tasks.

This approach helps the project team to manage scope and focus on manageable statement of work within shorter delivery cycles (sprints).

Take your year-long goal and break it down into multiple, more manageable monthly and/or weekly mini-goals.

Adopt a ‘baby step’ mindset and approach to help you ‘eat your elephant’ a piece at a time. This way, it’s easier to measure progress along the way.

In your face!

Being intentional requires some reminding… a lot of it. We are prone to forget sometimes — so a daily reminder is always a massive help.

Write down your goals (Habakkuk 2:2) and make them visible each day — on your wardrobe, bedside desk, office desk or your mobile devices.

Wake up each morning to a visual aid, reminding you of your goals. Be creative. Be in your face.

It’s not too late to gain clarity about your life, if only you make a start today.

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Don’t let 2021 gradually slip away while you remain the same. Get up and go make awesome happen.

P.S. Check out the recent episode on Purpose Guy Podcast to listen to a conversation with my 8-year old.

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