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Being Intentional With Your Goals [ Part 2]

In my previous post on how to become intentional with your life goals, I began with the need to start with God, focus on baby steps and create a visible, daily reminder of what you’re committed to making happen.

Many have become so familiar with the exercise of goal setting they think it’s about the exercise itself. No! It’s not a tick-box exercise.

It’s about gaining clarity about the trajectory of your life. It’s about affirming to yourself that you are aligned with your purpose.

However, allow me reiterate that until you work your goals, the change you seek cannot happen.

Goals are great, but only ‘doing’ brings results. So, keep ‘working’ your goals.

So, how else can you become intentional about your goals this year?

Find your power team

I’ve often heard some push the idea of being ‘self-made’ and I’ve always rejected that message and ideology. Why? Because it’s a false narrative in the main.

Success is neither ‘self-made’ nor can it be sustained alone. Yes, purpose often compels you to take the narrow and often lonely road that many aren’t willing to go.

But even on that difficult path, you’ll still find (and need) a community to encourage you along the way.

Successful people surround themselves with a power team that holds them accountable to their goals and plans. Do the same.

Identify and connect with people you respect to hold you accountable, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. It takes the right community to triumph. Click To Tweet

With an effective support network, you will find the necessary motivation to stay focused — Proverbs 27:17.

Pay the price

Everybody wants to succeed but not all are willing to pay the price. Are you willing to pay the price your goals demand?

Personal discipline is non-negotiable when you resolve to become intentional about your life. Good success won’t come easy, so be willing to put in the shift.

Your daily habits shape your character and determine your outcome. Don’t mess around with the opportunities to be intentional each moment of your life.

Goals aren’t a magic wand that make our lives fall into place. Instead, they provide us a framework to gain clarity on what we should prioritise and align us closer to our purpose.

There will be setbacks along the way. But you must be resilient to bounce back and stay the course to the end.

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