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Influence and 5 Levels of Leadership

If you missed the prelude to this post, check out Everything rises and falls on leadership. The nature of leadership we are exposed to have a significant impact on our lives. Leadership is contagious and that’s why leaders must lead by example.

5 Levels

The definition of leadership: INFLUENCE

Leadership is influence; the ability to persuade others to follow a course. It takes influence for a leader to outline a vision that others are willing to gladly follow.

The reality about influence is that it works in every circle of life. While my focus is positive influence, it’s a sad reality that others wield their influence for destructive purposes. The point remains the same: leadership is about influence.

The ability to help others find direction in life is powerful. And to succeed as a leader at home, local church, community, business and career, you must learn how to influence others.

What or who holds the strongest influence on your life? What pulls you, and to what direction? What type of influence do you have on people?

5 levels of Leadership

In Developing the Leader Within You, John outlined what he calls The 5 levels of leadership. I find this concept very helpful for leadership development. Where do you think you stand? Let’s take a look.

Level 1: Position — The entry level of leadership is based on position. Take for example, a manager in the office or a church leader. In most cases, such leadership is based on a title, making the primary focus the office.

If you stay too long on this level, you’ll become insecure and defensive of your position over the course of time.

Level 2: Permission — On this level, your leadership shifts from your title or position to building genuine trust with the people you lead. Without good relationships, leadership has no legs to stand on.

Level 3: Production — On this level of leadership, you lead people to achieve results that gives them a sense of fulfilment. The result-oriented leader needs lots of passion to be effective.

Level 4: People Development — The ultimate goal of every true leadership is to develop people. If you fail to develop key leaders around you, you’ll run out of steam without building any legacy.

Level 5: Personhood — This is the peak of leadership. It takes a lifetime to become a leader others will readily follow simply because of your person.

The process of becoming

Where you are today can change, if you make a decisive stand on developing yourself.

Moving up the ladder is not automatic; it will take significant investment on your part and diligent focus. Understand where you are today and outline what it will take to move to the next level, then act on it!

Seek out other leaders you perceive are higher up on the chain. Let their iron sharpen yours. No man is an island; we’re all in the process of becoming.

Question: Where do you perceive you currently stand on the 5 levels of leadership? What do you think you need to do to move to the next level? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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