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It’s 1am and I’m reading my bible, preparing to pray before retiring to bed and this scripture jumps at me. I paused. I had to pause. Even the Psalmist says to pause and ponder (SELAH):

“O God, when you went out before your people,
when you marched through the wilderness, Selah” 
(Psalm 68:7 ESV)

God… marched… throughwilderness. That’s a remarkable combination of words. The Psalmist is so good at doing this; taking our breath away with his deep expressions.

There are four components in focus here:

GOD: Yes, it’s HIM. None like our God. He’s the One in focus. So let the rest of the verse sink in because this is HUGE; it’s all about the God of the Universe. Let all the earth be still and learn.

MARCHED: Notice it didn’t say God flew, crawled or ran. He marched! That shows:





Control. Yes, control. The BOSS is here. This is a WOW moment!

THROUGH: God didn’t have to do this; He didn’t have to go through the ‘mess’. He needed not bother. Speaking at the situation will do. Giving an order will work. Nay, He marched through.  He marched through. He marched through. He did it for you. Next time you’re going through a challenging situation, remember: GOD ALREADY MARCHED THROUGH.

WILDERNESS: Lord, did it have to be a wilderness? Seriously? Not streets of gold? Nay, not streets of gold.

You need the wilderness to experience the glory.

No short cuts. And run from people who offer you short cuts. On the other side of the wilderness lies the streets of gold.

Do you feel like quitting? Don’t. He’s in control. He’s marching through the wilderness with you. This verse reassures me of God’s presence, love and hands on the wheel of my life as I face a new transition this week. I pray it holds true for you too.


Question: Have you recently experienced a moment you felt like quitting a dream, a goal, a significant project or an initiative? How did you get through the momentary cold feet?

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  1. There are plenty of moments where you feel like quitting. But for me, the pain of living a boring, inconsequential, meaningless life is so much worse than anything that the right path can throw at me.

    1. Wow!!!!! Loren, that’s simply thought-provoking! I couldn’t agree more. The right path is not without challenges but with God, we can win. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this deep insight.

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