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What’s Important to You?

Nine months ago, I guest posted on IntentionalToday about four friends starting courtship. I witnessed both weddings in England, the latter this past weekend. They were awesome days!

Get your focus right

As I reflected on the beauty and glamor of both events, the words that kept ringing in my heart was:

A beautiful wedding is good. A blessed and God-led‪ marriage‬ is better.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with a fitting wedding ceremony. Thank God I’m not a kill-joy type of dude. But the lesson in those words isn’t so much about weddings or marriage. It’s about focus.

Sometimes we fall for the glamor of events unfolding in our lives that we lose focus of the core. This applies to every aspect of our lives; studies, career, finances and family.

Don’t lose the forest for the trees.
Image courtesy of Stuart

Image courtesy of Stuart

Life requires good perspectives and a clear vision. Getting our focus right is very crucial to making the best of our opportunities.

For my friends, I trust they’re focused right now on making the best of what’s most important to them – not the temporary wedding but their marriage, their relationship, their love. I have confidence in God to build their home. They will do amazing.

What’s important to you?

At the engagement event, I watched my mentor give counsel to the couple. He spoke with one of the most striking tones I’ve ever heard him speak.

The seriousness and weightiness of his words filtered through the quiet room. As the couple gazed at him, the words came:

“C and M, make it (this marriage) count”

You can only make count what you cherish. You can only make count something you treasure. And you only get one life to do it.

What’s important to you right now? Make it count!

Life is a vapor

Life is uncertain but death is sure and there’s wisdom in making the most of every opportunity.

Life is a vapor, a mist not everyone gets to see or grasp before it disappears. The words of my best friend always resonate with me. He says:

We must live to die without regrets.

I challenge you today, do that! Live a life that will be remembered, not for its regrets, but for its risks and courage. Make what’s important to you count. Make your life count.

ACTION: Spend 10 minutes to reflect on what’s important to you. Are your choices helping or marring those priorities?

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8 Replies

  1. Joseph, thanks for the encouragement to focus on what matters. This reminds me of one of my favorite verses from Ecclesiastes 12:13

    “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”

    It’s those big things that we have to bring ourselves back to time and time again!

    1. Thanks. Welcome back from your trip, Caleb. Will check out your post to see how it went.

  2. You’ve given me much to think over. I know God’s important and my family. Those deserve my all…but I’m struggling right now on making my writing/blogging/publishing count. I’m praying God will show me if I’m wasting precious time pursuing a writing career He never intended for me to have.

    I’ll be thinking over your post more. Thanks!

    1. TC, I just prayed for you, that God gives you clarity. I don’t make light of the fact this could be a significant decision for you. I pray you find the direction you need right now on what’s important to you. I’m praying with you.

      1. Thank you, Joseph. I really appreciate it. I just finished reading in Ecc 3…to everything there is a season. I trust God to show me what season He wants me in. I have peace even though I don’t have any other answers. God does and I’ll let Him guide me. I just don’t want to anything hinder me from what He wants. I don’t want to trade a good thing for a God thing. Does that make sense?

        1. You make perfect sense, TC. That peace is what you need right now as He shines light on every darkness soon.

  3. Great challenge Joseph and thanks for sharing at my blog earlier. I shared one of your updates on marriage on my Fb (It’s so sweet to marry in the perfect will of ‪#‎God‬. Everyone may be a marriage material, but not everyone is yours. Seek God for yours) and it received lots of likes and comments! You spoke to many! Glad your buddies have started this awesome marriage road on such a strong foundation.

    1. I’m super glad for them. Their story shows God rewards those that wait on Him. Thanks for spreading hope with me 🙂

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