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Touched and Transformed for Impact

This post is an excerpt from a message I preached to a group of Christian men at a recent international conference of Northern European churches of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in The Netherlands.

We are saved to make impact on earth. Just as salt is transformative and light illuminative, so is the man whose heart has been touched and transformed by God. Our principal passion must be to recover the lost for Christ in view of eternity. That is what God’s change agents do.


Beyond words, our decisive actions must cause those in our sphere of influence to long for true meaning to life. This requires we understand our commission, consecrate ourselves and stay courageous in our high calling.

Commissioned for Impact

Rooted in Paul’s life-transforming encounter with Jesus in Acts chapter 9 was a commission to make Christ known to the Gentiles and Jews. He did not waste time in executing this great assignment.

Men of impact don’t linger in a state of inactivity in the face of an urgent mandate. Our obedience to God’s commission must be prompt. The greatest impact we can have is to help others come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This is our high calling. All other commendable influence we wield in the areas of people’s personal growth, family, welfare and academic excellence must be supplementary to the wellbeing of their souls.

In a world that is fast deteriorating in ungodliness, God is looking for men who will earnestly contend for the faith and uphold the sanctity of the Word of God.

Our profession of faith is incomplete until our Jerusalem (community, colleagues, friends and families) is filled with and directly impacted by the gospel that has touched and transformed us.

Consecrated for Impact

A lifetime of impact demands total consecration and dedication to the Lord. Our consecration must be practical and precise, not theoretical and vague. To be consecrated for impact means (for examples) you:

  • [1] abandon apparent legitimate pleasures in order to pursue God’s agenda for your life,
  • [2] cut lose from unprofitable associations in order to give yourself to prayer and friendship evangelism,
  • [3] decline ceremonial invitations and invest your time in mentoring young believers in your local church,
  • [4] reject the lure of immorality and dishonest gain from work colleagues and maintain your holy stand, whatever the personal cost.

Consecrated vessels are preoccupied with God’s work because they want to leave a significant footprint wherever they go. They want to be remembered for ‘turning the world upside down’.

They are recognised by heaven and applauded by angels. Their impact is comprehensive; they are willing to abandon personal gains to touch hearts and souls far and near. The world is in desperate need of Christians consecrated for impact.

Courage for Impact

How do you want to be remembered after you’re gone? Think about that. Fear stifles and hinders men from fulfilling their ministry of reconciliation.

But remember you only have one life; one life to count for something great, one life to influence souls for eternity, one life to persuade men (II Corinthians 5:11).

The demoniac of Gadara, on receiving the touch of Jesus, did not waste time in persuading men. Nothing can hinder you. Don’t procrastinate nor look at the faces of men. Start from your sphere of influence today.

Do the work of an evangelist where you are. Let your light shine in your family, office and community. Speak and don’t be faint-hearted or intimidated.

Courage is the product of obedience of faith. When you step out in obedience to make eternal impact, God will back you up.

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