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I’m an Uncle!!!

Last night, I became an uncle!!! Among the many feelings, I genuinely felt old. But that’s not a bad thing after all. The birth of a new life must be something to behold; like my brother in-law said to me over the phone last night, “It’s an experience enough to humble any man”
I’m sure it is.

We are particularly excited for them, it’s been a journey but finally my little sis has “popped” one. She’s brave and courageous. My family is grateful to God for everything. We prayed individually, we prayed corporately and we prayed as a family. And God answered.

This is to welcome my nephew to life; a World Changer, he will grow up to fulfil God’s purpose for him and in the process change his world. I’ve got no doubt he’s destined for greatness.

In the meantime, I’ve got to deal with the feeling of the little dude calling me “Uncle Joseph” in a couple of years. Oh dear! But I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

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  1. Tomi

    Nice, congrats dear. Uncle Joseph

    1. Thanks Tomi. ‘Trust you’re well and London is treating you well as always.

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