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It’s been an extremely long week in Broadway, Worcestershire: energy commodity trading is a combination of massive headache, confusion, common sense, lots of fun and millions (easily billions) of dollars at stake. And the gorgeous, 15th-century, haunted-like, Victorian Barcelo Lygon Arms Hotel, with all original features and royal-like service and menus has been spot on (apologies, for the disappointing photo at the end, blame weather conditions). But every good and challenging experience comes to an end and tomorrow I will head to Liverpool to meet my wife (Yaay!) and host The Life Course with a group of friends over the weekend… And oh, I should be catching up with my buddy, Man of God and General Overseer Kunle after my short stop-over at Birmingham (he won’t accept the last title though. You should read his blog and subscribe…. some spirit-inspired stuff he writes!)

Sorry for the digression… So while I’ve been busy learning the complexities of the Oil, Gas, Coal and Power markets, I’ve also been learning… at the Master’s feet.

Let me share with you some of the encouragement and inspiration laid on my heart this week:

Anybody can give you a million euros and you’d still be a miserable soul. Money doesn’t cure worry, faith does.
Money doesn’t cure anxiety, hope does.
Money doesn’t cure eternal need, Christ does.
If you must be set free from the miserable life of worry, learn to trust.
If you must be delivered from the slaving life of the fear of tomorrow, learn to trust.
Oh what great glory and peace we have in Jesus!!! What joy we have in the Son of God who has given us all things freely to have and enjoy.

Are you frustrated today?
Are you on the verge of packing it in and giving up on your faith because of the temporary setbacks you are experiencing?
Are you tipping over the cliff of life?
Are you losing it? Losing everything you’ve ever worked for or dreamed of?
Oh, friend we have a sure security in Jesus! And while I don’t say that lightly, nether should you take it for granted.
Don’t lose your head.
Don’t lose your heart.
You have a great Shepherd who heals your soul and makes you whole (John 10)
Trust Him today. He makes all things beautiful again, giving beauty for every ash in your life.

I pray you find some encouragement in what I’ve been learning this week. In the Bible, we find on a daily basis, God’s assurance that He is on our side (and He is, always).
I’m learning to trust God a day at a time and what joy that gives to my soul.
I bid you trust.

Grace and peace.

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  1. Chukwu goodness maxiluv

    It’s so sweet to trust in Jesus… just to trust Him by His word…

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