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How I’m Praying For You Tonight

I am grateful to God for the power of prayer. ‘Just concluded our weekly prayer meeting a few minutes ago and the core of the session was centred on our families; peace in the home, purity in the home, power in the home and prosperity in the home.

The home is central to God’s agenda for man. The devil knows this and fights against our peace. He corrupts our purity and steals our power… where there’s no peace, no purity, no power then there can be no genuine prosperity. The problem is that many Christians are spiritually asleep while the enemy is working against our cause. But we must arise, take up the armour of God and fight.

A purified family is where the presence of God can dwell; that’s where God’s supernatural power can be displayed and showcased for the world to see.

Consider this: in Acts 21:8-9, Phillip was an evangelist and his four daughters were virgins and prophesied. That’s awesome! The father was in the service of God, the children were pure and full of God’s power. Ah, we must pray for our homes indeed for restoration of all that has been lost!!! We must pray for the healing and restoration of our children. Lord, send revival.

Jesus spoke to the wind and sea and peace was restored. Every storm raging in your family life, I speak the peace of God into it in Jesus name. With restored peace, comes a tender calm. All will be well in your family life and situation in Jesus name.

On purity, may the Lord sanctify your family and cause you to love God with a perfect heart in Jesus name (Deuteronomy 30:6)

May God help us, save us and heal us in Jesus name. Amen.
I am praying for you.

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  1. Chukwu goodness maxiluv

    Thank u Sir. Remain blessed.

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