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The Power of Hope in Marriage

From Joseph: This is a guest post by Ngina Otiende, a Christian, wife, author and mentor, who blogs at Learn more about Ngina at the end of the post.

Do NOT quit!

I told my marriage mentor I was going to “quit trying and let things be”. Pastor Johnny Umukoro looked me straight in the eye and said (nearly shouted)“Don’t quit!”

There was a fire in his eyes and fierceness in his voice. I had no idea what I was giving up but I just knew something had to change in my marriage.

I was a newlywed and young marriage blues had hit our little new love and I felt like I was the only one holding the marriage together.

Down the road I see why my pastor was fierce.

No neutrality with hope

No neutrality with hope

Quitting is not a neutral action. When you give up hope, you don’t stay at that same spot. You move backward.

There’s no neutrality with hope, you either have it or don’t have it. You are either moving forward in hope and faith, or moving backward in despair.

As a marriage writer and mentor, I hear from wives who want to engage the neutral gear. They have tried changing their man and their marriage and nothing has worked and they slide into next recourse: they quit on hope.

Here’s what I know…

Someone has to be rooting for the health of a marriage. As a wife, if you feel your husband is not rooting for the health of your marriage, who else is left but you? You and God are a majority.

Consider this; what if God has allowed you to come to the end of your rope and wits, so that you can let go and allow Him to do the work? You see, sometimes we are so deep in our marriage blues we don’t even realize how much we’ve put our faith in other things other than God.

Marriage can be complex and its easy to lose sight of where we end and God begins. We read and see all kinds of advice and we rush home to apply them.

Without knowing it, we begin to put our hopes in formulas and principles more than God, the Source of all life.

Sometimes, we must max out our strength so we can turn to God’s strength. God has deep mysteries to show us about marriage and often we learn them through hard times and trials.

The content in this post is adapted from Ngina Otiende’s new book Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-ever-after in the Early Year which  is now available on Amazon on both Paperback and Kindle.

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More about Ngina

Ngina Otiende is Christian, wife, author and mentor, who blogs at where she equips the early-wed wife with tools and resources to create intentional happily-ever-afters. She has a passion for women and desires to see them overcome mindsets that hinder them from becoming all God created them to be. Visit Ngina’s blog, connect with her on FacebookPinterest or Twitter

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    Great review!
    I Loved Ngina’s book. Thanks for helping support her book. It has the power to transform a marriage.

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