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Hope Beyond The Dark Sky: A Must Read!

Our world is full of troubles; a lost love, a poorly child, bad debt, due mortgage bill, unpaid taxes, broken promises, shattered dreams, sour friendship, divorce, redundancy, hunger, war, fear, hurt, anger, tears, bitterness… and in the middle of these is (guess who?) you – just you. Some happen to you, others are product of your choices. But let us consider these hard truths; what chance do you stand against the heartaches and pains of life? How do you bring health to a sick child? How do you win back a lost love? How do you pay your mortgage or rent when your source of income is blown away by the winds of recession? How do you rebuild a broken home? Who comforts the tearful wife or husband going through the painful curse of divorce? Who comforts the one who comforts the grief-stricken? How do you overcome the terror of fear; fear of tomorrow, fear of today and the guilt of yesterday? How do you restore misplaced trust? How do you mend a broken dream? Where do you find a new job to feed the family, pay the rent and live your life? How do you beat the tough season of recession causing you deep depression? How do you cope in a world full of all these troubles? How do you see beyond the darkening sky? How do you win? How can you win? How will you win?

The questions are endless, the realities are sobering. But in the midst of all the odds, I am confident of one thing, “There is hope for you!!!”
You may lose everything else and still live. But the moment you lose hope, you cannot survive. You must see beyond the dark sky over you.

So is my life pain-free? No. Do I have all I need; far from it! But I have learned something in life; when you have the One who holds the keys to the door, access is made easy. So whether you are at work, at school, at home, on the road, on Facebook, Twitter or reading from this Blog, don’t give up! Find the One who holds the keys! When you do, be rest assured He will open a whole new world to you. There is hope beyond the dark sky. Don’t hold back, you can dream a new dream. Then nothing will ever be the same!

[Photo by Prince Tayorski O.]

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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  1. Prince T

    True words.. you know what they say, while there is life, there is hope

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