Joseph Iregbu

Purpose Guy

The Salt Series – The Purpose

Can we begin with a word of prayer? “O Lord, protect me from error and don’t let me write a single letter you have not ordained beforetime from the foundation of the world. Would you bless my readers and this “pitiful” writer, would you open our eyes so we can […]

Pope Benedict

I am on the train home from work as I write this piece; I picked up a daily evening newspaper and on the first couple of pages is the story of Pope Benedict admonishing school children who came from across the country to see him. I found what he said […]

It is YOU!

When I knelt down to pray tonight, My knees felt a quake like the shaking of the Earth. I closed my eyes like I would always, clutched my hands tight and Bowed my head, As I mustered strength to make my request, all I could utter was “It is You” […]

Life and its many stories…

If only life would treat us the way we want it, if only we controlled the outcome of everything, if only we were in control, if only we could make it all fall into place… The thoughts are endless, the wishes lengthy. But we know reality tells a different story… […]

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