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When Gratitude Is All You Can Give

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By the time you’re reading this, our daughter, Isabel Juda would probably be in my arms (or the senior pastor’s) to be formally dedicated in a service of celebration. She will be 3 months next week too. Can you believe that?

When Gratitude Is All You Can Give

God has been gracious to our family. Pain and discomfort has been inevitable but our joy has been unspeakable nonetheless. And Isabel remains a daily reminder of the preciousness of life, parenting and love. The God Moments we continue to experience are too many to recount in a blog post.

Sometimes, gratitude is simply all you can give.

How Do You Do It, Lord?

Her regular smiles and giggles are too good to miss (I must confess that I’ve shed a tear or two watching her – don’t tell my wife!). Her visual focus is probing. She has started to speak (in her own language of course). Recently, she started to grasp and hold light items. Wifey says she’s too smart and wise. We continue to watch her emerge and every step fills us with awe. Again, I am reminded to ask:

“How do You do it, Lord?”

We are thankful for God’s gift. I’ve heard many people say the birth of a child will change your life. Here’s what I can say from experience – it’s absolutely true! And we love every bit of it.

Isabel Juda – For Unto God You Are Vowed, Unto God You Are Promised. And Out Of Your Lips, The Lord Has Ordained Praise.

What are you grateful for today as you share in our joy?

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11 Replies

  1. Amy Alves

    Wonderful words from a loving father. Way to celebrate life and share about it brother! ~ Blessings out to you and yours, Amy from fullherlife

    1. Amy, it’s awesome to see you here and thanks for sharing in our joy. God bless you sister 🙂

  2. Paul Baning

    Sweet little girl

    1. Aww, thanks and God bless.

  3. I love that photo of Isabel and am grateful with your family for her dedication to the Lord. I celebrated my birthday recently, am grateful for God’s goodness and His love over my life. I am grateful for the opportunity of a new day to serve God and my generation better. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks Jep. There’s indeed a lot to be grateful for.

  4. Oh, I miss this age with my son! Just yesterday I told my son that he was not allowed to turn 9 next week (his birthday). They grow up so fast! They are such a gift.

    1. You’re funny (‘not allowed to turn 9’). They grow fast indeed but of course you have more experience than me 🙂 Thanks Eileen and happy birthday in advance to your son.

  5. DonyaDunlap

    This is precious.

    1. Aww, thanks Donya. We are delighted at her progress.

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