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In Mark 9:2-8, some (not all) of Christ’s disciples had the spiritual experience of their lives: they saw Christ transfigured before their eyes in His glory.

We already know too much theology, so I won’t delve into the account details. But consider for a moment; Jesus had 12 disciples, but only 3 had this experience. What does that teach you? How does it challenge you?

3 Lessons From The Transfiguration Experience

  1. It is not enough to live with a ‘Christian’ label; we must go on in pursuit of deep things of God.
  2. God reveals His glory to those in close relationship with Him.
  3. There are too many Christians on the outer court but few in the Holy of Holies… We must press in to where God is. You may find God’s blessings in the outer court but God is in the Holy of Holies. Go in!

The transfiguration experience is powerful. My heart is just seeking after God in this season of my life (and always)… For me,

it’s God or nothing.

How about you?

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  1. Finally found this comment too 🙂
    Thanks man

  2. Totally agree with this!! “It is not enough to live with a ‘Christian’ label.” Mercy we have enough people doing that. It’s about being passionately sold out to His cause — seeking and saving the lost! 

    1. Amen, Alene… and amen. God’s grace abounds to live that way. May we take hold of it!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. ddkays

    I love it…God or nothing.  It seems that is where I am at this season of my life too.  I pray that never changes.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. I consider your point #2: “God reveals His glory to those in close relationship with Him.”
    I can’t help but think of that moment in Exodus where Moses is on the hill overseeing the battle. He was with Aaron and Hur and they each held one of his hands up to keep the victory going. When he lifted his hands, Israel was winning. Whenever he drops he hands, Amalek prevailed. He couldn’t do it on his own. God’s glory was shown because Moses wasn’t alone. 
    Look at the verse in 17:8: “…I will stand at the top of the hill…” Moses doesn’t mention at all that Hur and Aaron were going with him. But in 17:9, Aaron and Hur are accompanying Moses to the top of the hill. It’s a given that Moses will have Godly men with him as battle is raging. Praise God.

    1. Good insight Bill. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Chukwu goodness maxiluv

    Oh dats great,taught i waz going 2 b part of d retreat cus its realy a tym of great awaken bt here i am.

    1. God bless you Scott for stopping by. Many blessings.

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